Have you ever wanted to make an impact on the world through yoga, but unsure how?

Have you ever felt the need to leave your comfy lifestyle and see the world, but found yourself afraid of the unknown, affordability, and not having a clue how to plan a life changing adventure?

Have you scrolled through social media seeing that one friend doing yoga on an exotic beach or gorgeous mountain, and thought HOW can I live that lifestyle?


Do I have FANTASTIC news for YOU!!!

I teach a course on how to do ALL of these things.

A Course I Like to Call:

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad

In MMAA, I teach you EVERYTHING you NEED TO KNOW about:

-HOW to become a traveling yoga teacher

-HOW to manifest the adventure of your DREAMS

-Organizing travel and job planning

-Impacting the world through yoga and adventure


Let’s break it down, shall we?


Becoming a traveling a yoga teacher

I just pick a fancy yoga mat and travel the world on it, right?


Being a traveling yoga teacher you have a responsibility to yourSELF and the world to change both for the better.

This is an opportunity for YOU to make a difference where you feel your heart calling while exploring a beautiful new place in the world.  

This could mean working at a Permaculture farm in Costa Rica, teaching Yoga in a Refugee Camp, or hostel hopping around the globe teaching yoga to travelers (And let’s face it, travelers are in need of yoga from those long flights and heavy backpacks). Or maybe, you want to host a retreat for a specific cause in a beautiful place in the world.

There are SO many opportunities at your fingertips to change the world around you!

A few places I’ve traveled to and taught yoga and HOW I did it:

Costa Rica


New Orleans

The Xanadu Yoga Guide To Giving!

Teaching Donation Based Yoga at The Quisby, New Orleans. All class proceeds benefited refugees.


Manifesting Your Dreams

Oh the dreaming!

This is definitely my favorite part about being a traveling yoga teacher! I’m a big believer in our thoughts and words becoming our realities.

So when I think of a word or a picture, I put it on my Vision Board OR I write it in my yearly, monthly, and weekly dream planner (more coming on this soon).

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad

2017 dream planning in the beautiful Cascais, Portugal


Organizing and Planning Your Adventure

This can be super stressful or super fun!

I try to stick to fun!

Where in the world do you want to travel to? Is that place in the world in need of yoga?

What about housing and eating healthy while abroad?

I personally use Airbnb if housing isn’t provided.

Eating healthy abroad has become a specialty of mine. You can find some of my healthy eating guides HERE.

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad

Vegan Salads at Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales.


Impacting the World Through Yoga and Adventure

Did you know that you can impact someone’s world through teaching yoga and adventures?

I’ve done this many times and sometimes, I didn’t even realize my teaching could change a life. But, it’s true.

YOU teaching yoga CAN impact the world.

You can do something HUGE with your teaching like raise $1000 for a refugee camp and hold space for them to heal from trauma. Or you can teach a private client whose body is recovering from injury. Just giving them the opportunity and freedom to move their bodies again is LIFE CHANGING.


You can take someone on an epic waterfall climbing adventure and teach them meditation and stillness while being one with the world.

Your teaching and adventuring around the world is CHANGING THE WORLD. Trust me, I know!

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad

Teaching yoga to refugees and volunteers in Chios, Greece

I know this was A LOT of information to take in, so let’s recap!


Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad is a three part course that includes learning about:

-HOW to become a traveling yoga teacher

-HOW to manifest your dream adventures

-Organization for trip and job planning

-Impacting the world through yoga and adventure

-PLUS two yoga and meditation Skype classes

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad

Exploring the Panama City Ruins

If traveling the world through yoga and adventures is something you want to dive deeper into, then check out my online course:

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad!


If you have any questions about traveling the world, teaching yoga abroad, or manifesting your dreams then let’s schedule a FREE Phone Consultation. I’m always happy to answer your questions and help manifest your dream adventures!

Until next time traveling yogis!





Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new poetry, her current favorite poets are: Rupi Kaur, Jeff Brown and Carlos Andres Gomez.