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Sytera Field


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If it were my first time to SyteraYoga what should I know or expect?

We have a beautiful, new studio (one year old on 11/11/19), but we know that people don’t come to class because they love the space. They come because of the teacher. We have the best teachers in the area and we support them in many ways. 

Interview with Sytera Field- Founder of SyteraYoga


What type of yoga does Sytera Yoga offer and who is your audience? 

We offer diverse classes from relaxing Yoga Nidra to energizing Ashtanga Vinyasa. Our audience live and work in the Northern Virginia area. Most of them know and love our “yoga body rolling” classes. 

What does community mean to you when it comes to SyteraYoga?

Our community is the foundation of SyteraYoga. In fact, we originally opened up with a Kickstarter campaign, with 61 people supporting us. We are vigilant about creating a very high-quality customer experience for every student, whether they be an original “founder” or a visiting drop-in student. 

Where do you see SyteraYoga five years from now?

We hope to continue to innovate into the digital space and to help develop amazing teachers in their offerings. Mostly, we’re committed to learning what provides the greatest benefit to people, and then adapting based on that learning. 

Is SyteraYoga hosting any special events in the coming months?

I am offering my first “Nadi and Nice” training in December. This training will show yoga teachers, massage therapist, physical therapists, and other bodywork professionals how to use the Nadi Ball to help clients stretch, strengthen and massage all at the same time. 

You recently mailed me your new product the Nadi Ball.

Can you tell us about this product and how it amplifies or supports the yoga practice?

The Nadi Ball accelerates your yoga experience. Because you have something to work with, and against, you get way more out of your yoga class. When we use the ball in a supportive way, you are able to release tension in the joints, then we do yoga stretches to lengthen what we just rolled. When we use the ball as a tool for strength building, it gives you feedback (because it is against the muscle, you are able to feel it working) to illuminate which muscles are working, so your workout is much more efficient and effective. 

Interview with Sytera Field- Founder of SyteraYoga


For teachers going after their dreams of opening a yoga studio or creating a product for the practice, what is your one piece of advice to them? 

Remember the transition between being a yoga practicioner vs. becoming a yoga teacher? Well, as you can imagine, becoming a yoga studio owner vs. a yoga teacher requires an entirely different skill set. Don’t romanticize it. Just because you are a good yoga teacher does not mean that you will be an effective yoga studio owner. That said, it is so much fun, if you are willing to put in the work! 

Interview with Sytera Field- Founder of SyteraYoga


What meditation or mantra are you currently living by?

The mantra we live by at the studio is “Find Your Shine.” We use yoga as a tool to guide the student toward their best selves — so that they can find their shine!

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Founder Of:


Interview with Sytera Field- Founder of Sytera Yoga
Sytera Field is originally from Austin, Texas. You can practice at her studio SyteraYoga in McLean, Virginia which is in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. To take one of her upcoming workshops you can sign up HERE and to continue following her journey check out her Instagram HERE.