Meet Sierra Vandervort

Founder of The Local Mystic 


Tell me about The Mystic Moon School.

Who is it for and what will your students learn while participating?

The Moon School is for anyone who is interested in a more sacred way of living, ritualistic self care and people who come to get the guided wellness tools that will teach how to fit self care and the rituals into everyday life. 


What inspired you to start a moon school?

I was really into yoga and the witchy side of yoga. On the grander scale, my form of teaching is very much based in spirit and sacredness. What drew me to it was this connection to sacredness and how much better that made me feel in my life. I wanted to create something that inspired people to come back to that spiritual living because through all of my studies through the phases of the moon and the wheel of the year, these seasonal attunement practices that I teach in the moon school it’s all about connecting yourself to the energies of nature as a form of spirituality as a form of connection to yourself by connecting to something bigger. 


Interview With Sierra Vandervort- Founder Of The Local Mystic


You have experience traveling the world and teaching yoga. Do you have any tips for yoga teachers who want to take their teaching abroad? 

Make connections with your community. Instagram has been super helpful for me, but talking to people in daily life. Tell them this is what I do and this is what I want to do as energetic reinforcement. Also look on YogaTrade and research the areas you want to go to. Don’t be afraid. Don’t think that it’s too hard. There is an opportunity out there for you, you just gotta look for it. 


How do you think having an online yoga business while traveling can benefit yoga teachers?

It gives you complete remote freedom and ability to scale. Through online, you have more control over your business and message. You can also reach a lot more people with one offering. You can spend your time really creating something wholesome. Something that resonates with you. It’s an easier way for us to connect to more people and share the gift of yoga with more people in a way that’s also mindful of our own energetic limitations. 


Interview With Sierra Vandervort- Founder Of The Local Mystic


On your website, you share that you’re a young herbal entrepreneur and practical witch. Can you share what that journey has looked like and how it has complimented your career as a yoga teacher?

Moving to New Orleans to take my yoga teacher training was definitely a big stepping stone as I had this whole big world open up to me where I had similar people that were interested in similar things as me and places I could go to study this stuff that I had never known was there before. I was always dabbling through some herbal stuff, but I grew up in the midwest so self identifying as a witch was not even anything I knew was possible. I was really into yoga and new age stuff and my partner would always make jokes like “you know you’re probably a witch”, but then more people mentioned it and I thought about it and I was like ya know what maybe that’s a title I really enjoy and resonate with. It fit really well with my studies as a yoga teacher. Then while I was doing that I was also studying more Pagan more Earth based spirituality concepts. I noticed a lot of overlap between the two lineages and that was the area that I felt really passionate about- that connection to Earth and yourself. They complemented each other really well.  It’s cool that we have such wide accessibility to study these things and philosophies from all these different areas. Now we can combine them and share them!


What does your dream yoga job or career look like?

I would eventually like to open my own yoga studio and workshop space. I have this thought in the back of my head to create a yoga studio / yoga space / music venue / coffee shop. I think opening my own space would be really great. I still don’t think I’ve found the place in the world where I’m ready to settle down yet so gotta figure that out first. 


Interview With Sierra Vandervort- Founder Of The Local Mystic


Do you have a meditation or a mantra that you’re currently living by to share with the Xanadu Yoga community? 

I trust the adventure. And trust that things will play out as they’re meant to. 

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Founder of 

The Local Mystic 

Interview With Sierra Vandervort- Founder Of The Local Mystic

Sierra is a Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher, Herbal Entrepreneur and Witch based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is currently teaching an online class called Yoga That Feeds to benefit the NOLA Food Banks. In addition to her online class you can take her Guided Meditation on Accepting Change and learn about Moon Magic through her online course: The Mystic Moon School