Did you know that you have a gift that you can impact the world with?

When I turned 20 years old I discovered that my gift to the world is teaching yoga. When I turned 21 I began traveling the world with it. When I turned 22 I dreamed of doing something BIGGER through yoga. So I created and founded my online business, Xanadu Yoga. Since then I have traveled to 18 different countries teaching yoga throughout.


Why am I telling you all this?

Because we all have gifts the universe has given us and we need to use those gifts to impact the world.

There is A LOT of craziness going down in the world right now. From immigrant children being forced to live in tents out in the middle of the desert to the famine happening to over 100,000 people in Yemen right this very minute. The world needs our help. It needs your help. It needs my help. It NEEDS ALL OF US to use our gifts to impact it.


How do you impact the world with your gifts?

-By staying WOKE even when it hurts.

-By using your ART and your WORK to wake people up.


-By LOVING yourself and the world around you.


Stay Woke

This means educating yourself from factual sources. Read books, do research and study everything.


Use Your Art

People love art! So use it to wake them up! Paint global warming or the aftermath of a school shooting. Then paint what the world could be if we listened to it. Direct a play on the history of patterns repeating themselves when it comes to historical violence around the world. Host a retreat for survivors of a cause you believe in. You guys! Make art that for a moment could wake someone up to the realities of the world. Because THAT is when the change will be made.



This is one of the most difficult parts of being human. Listening rather than responding. One of my favorite meditations is active listening partner meditation. You sit knee to knee with someone and close your eyes. Then you set a timer for five minutes and for those five minutes one partner talks about ANYTHING. Then the second partner listens WITHOUT responding or reacting to what they hear. Then the timer goes off and you switch. Active listening. We ALL need to do more of that.

Love Yourself & The World Around You

Easier said than done, but loving yourself MUST be done. So get to know yourself. Take yourself out on a date, do some journaling, go to yoga alone and notice how you show up for yourself when the going gets tough. Because how we show up ON our mats is how we show up OFF our mats. So go do something that lights your heart up then take that light with you everywhere you go!

How to Use Your Gifts to Impact the World!


Let’s recap!

We each have our own special gifts and we can use them to impact the world in bigger ways! To use our gifts to impact the world, we must stay woke. We must use our art and our work to wake others up. We must actively listen to others. Above all, we must love ourselves. When we love ourselves then we can love and impact the world around us.

To learn more about impacting the world, sign up for my free gift:

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Yogis Exist. Yogis Persist. Yogis Impact.

Until next time my traveling yogi loves!




Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new sounds, her current favorite artists are: Nahko Bear, CloZee, Iya Terra, & Tipper.