Now more than ever, being a successful yoga teacher also means you’ve got to know a thing or two about business. And if you want to make a real, sustainable income off of your teaching, online yoga is where it’s at! 


You have the ability to reach students from all across the world; you can create an online course and sell it for years to come; you could even earn money teaching yoga in your sleep! 




Not sure where to start? Not a problem!


Here are four ways you can start teaching yoga online TODAY:



Skype Yoga

Teaching private clients is a wonderful way to grow your yoga business. Not only can you develop a one-on-one connection with a student and their practice, but your monetary reward for the amount of time you put in is much higher than teaching group classes. By offering Skype yoga sessions, you can open up your private sessions across the globe! Maybe you have a friend or family member who lives across the country, but loves your teaching style. With Skype yoga sessions you can practice with them from the comfort of your own home. And if you’re looking for a Skype yoga teacher then check out Brytta’s skype classes HERE. 


Online Courses

Online courses are all the craze right now. People are realizing that they can access some of the greatest teachers in the world from their laptops – and they’re willing to pay for it. Do you have a specific style of yoga that you love teaching? You can probably create an online course around it! By filming a series of instructional videos that guide your students through a journey, you can give them an in-depth look at your favorite style of teaching. Creating an online course takes a lot of work up-front, but then it’s something that can be evergreen – meaning you can sell it over and over. 


Subscription Service

New online platforms have given rise to a new potential for online services – subscription services. Thanks to websites like Patreon and Weebly, creating a regular, subscription-based membership is easier than ever. Yoga with Kassandra was even able to grow her subscription service until she launched her own app. Think about what classes or services you could offer on a regular basis, and will also get students to keep coming back for more. Maybe it’s a chakra-based yoga and meditation subscription package, where you explore a different chakra through yoga and focused journaling each month. The options are limitless! 



The tried and true method of taking yoga to the internet – YouTube is the platform that started it all. Many teachers will argue that the YouTube market is flooded with too many yoga teachers. But if you have a good angle and a style of teaching that you’re passionate about, your audience will gravitate towards you! Figure out what your yoga niche is and make content for them. Do you love teaching yoga to beginners? Maybe it’s yoga for single moms, or young entrepreneurs. Get specific with your goals and offerings, then create content that is aligned with your vision.  

If creating an online (and global) yoga business is what YOU dream of doing then

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Sierra is a New Orleans based yoga instructor, author & moon witch. She is the founder of The Local Mystic, an online community for magic makers and wellness seekers. You can connect with her and her Mystic Moon School online at or on Instagram.