Seva: Selfless Service. 



The Earth is healing. The humans are panicking.

And the yogis are still doing yoga, but what if we gave up our asana practice today to focus on being of service by taking our yoga off the mat during a global pandemic?



Roll out your yoga mat and sit on it. 

Now take out your journal and pen. 

Write down these five ways to take your yoga off the mat by being of service to the world. 


Donate a Meal

Hospital workers and cashiers are working 12-hour shifts to keep us alive and healthy right now. A great way to show your support is by buying them a meal. Once you get the contact details, call your local restaurant to order the food. Now you’re taking your yoga off the mat twice! 

Fives Ways To Take Your Yoga Off The Mat During A Global Pandemic


Teach a Donation Based Virtual Yoga Class

Donation yoga is the way to go for these reasons:

~It’s accessible to every BODY

~By teaching it online you’re keeping everyone healthy

~All proceeds can be donated to causes such as The American Red Cross, Save The Children, World Central Kitchen and Global Giving.

~If it’s your first time teaching an online yoga class check out my guide HERE.   


Inspire Others To Get Involved!

What better way to take your yoga off the mat than by inspiring your community to help people in need?

Ask 10 of your community members or friends to donate $5-$10 each via Venmo or Zelle. Then buy a single parent family a meal or buy a child homeschool supplies. 

Fives Ways To Take Your Yoga Off The Mat During A Global Pandemic


Use Your Gifts To Help The World!

We were all born with gifts and NOW is the time to use them!

If you’re a teacher or professor, host a weekly virtual class for children who don’t have access to homeschool classes right now. Teach them something new that will give them hope during this time. 

If you love to sew, knit or crochet then now is your time to shine! Face masks are needed in hospitals throughout the world and YOU can make them! If you want to make it more fun, FaceTime with your friends for a virtual craft making night! Check out DIY face masks HERE.

If you love to drive, offer to run to the store to pick up items for your elderly neighbor. 

Do you love to bake?

Bake a cake then donate it to an EMT crew. 

Fives Ways To Take Your Yoga Off The Mat During A Global Pandemic


Be Kind and Grateful

The world is full of anxiety, panic and privilege right now, but it’s also full of love. We just need to tap into it. So what we can do is show kindness and gratitude to the highest vibration. When you’re in line at the store, tell the cashier thank you. Write an email to your local newspaper thanking them for keeping your community updated and aware during these times. Don’t buy ALL the food at the grocery store. Instead, share it with others. Why? Because sharing is caring and we all need to care a whole lot right now. 

Taking our yoga off the mat is selfless service or Seva in the yoga practice. It is an opportunity to help the world without expecting anything in return. Today I provided five ways that YOU can be of service to the world. Pick one and share it with others then watch as our vibration raises globally. 


And remember that sharing is caring and right now it’s our responsibility to care a whole lot. 


Loving you all. 

Keep showing up, doing the work and being of service.





Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures, interviewing inspiring souls and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! A big fan of discovering new poetry, her current favorite poets are: Rupi Kaur, Lena Moon, and Carlos Andres Gomez.