Today I am officially 25 years old!  

*Cue all the sparkles, dancing, and delicious birthday cake!*

I decided that I want to share my birthday with the world. 

So to keep it in theme of what I do and love, today I am sharing with you 25 places to practice yoga before you turn 25!


1. Montezuma Yoga, Costa Rica

I found this studio by accident as I was traveling through Costa Rica. The teachers at Montezuma Yoga teach from an anatomical viewpoint and break each pose down so the student fully understands what is happening in their body as they move through the practice. The studio also happens to be located in the jungle directly across the from the ocean. So clearly it’s a win for everybody involved!


2. YogaWorks – Boston, Massachusetts

There are six YogaWorks studios in the Boston area and I love all of them in different ways! Some of them make me feel like I’m practicing in New York City and others like I’m in Bali. Each location has a different spark to it and that’s why I keep coming back!


3. My Yoga Body- Dublin, Ireland

I also found this studio by accident and I’m so glad I did! I loved this studio because of the adjustments I learned in class and the fact that it was heated vinyasa. I love heated yoga especially in chilly places like Ireland!

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4.  HotPod Yoga – Lisbon, Portugal

Hot yoga in a glowing purple tent. Need I say more?


5. Yoga Satsanga Ashram – Wales

Tucked away in the countryside of Wales, this ashram teaches with the Eastern yogic philosophy that originated in India. I love this ashram as I left feeling so much healthier than when I had arrived. They will be opening a second ashram in the countryside of Portugal soon. Stay tuned! 


6. The Boat Dock – Chios, Greece

This isn’t a yoga studio or ashram. It’s a boat dock where you can always practice with a view! In front of you is the beautiful downtown of Chios. Across from you are the mountains of Turkey and above you are the stars! It’s the perfect place to practice!

25 Places to Practice Yoga Before You Turn 25


7. Hang 5 Fitness – Chicago, Illinois

You get to do yoga on a surfboard! Hang 5 Fitness is the place to be when you need to practice your surfing skills, get a workout and a challenge all at the same time!


8. Y7 – New York City

The original hip hop yoga studio! The classes at this studio kick my a$$ every time and that is why keep coming back. I love a challenge in my yoga practice and damn do I love the music!


9. Balance Yoga and Wellness – New Orleans

Maybe you like to yoga. Maybe you like to handstand. This studio got em both as they make room for play in every class they teach!


10. Yoga Studio Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

I had one night to practice yoga in Barcelona and this studio welcomed me in with open arms. I don’t say this often, but this studio was truly a sacred space that I think about it often. I’m excited to go back and be in community with this heartwarming studio!


11. Radiantly Alive – Ubud, Bali

Probably my favorite studio of all time! This studio is on a quiet street in Bali and the moment you walk in it is a yogi’s paradise. I love this studio because they have teachers from all over the world who teach from their hearts and challenge their students to dive deep within themselves and their practice. Radiantly Alive is a special place in the world so if you’re ever in Bali don’t miss out!

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12. Create Yoga – Los Angeles, California

I loved this studio for many reasons. The first being that two of my best friends took class with me. The second being the epic rocket yoga class taught by the talented Sara Bowers Yoga. The third being the beautiful crystals the studio had all around the space!


13. K10 Yoga CoOp – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

 I love this yoga community because they’re all inclusive and make classes affordable for their community. Meaning they believe this yoga is for everyone and they stand by that with every class and student they teach. They also have a super creative teacher training that involves taking your yoga off the mat and into real communities! And this studio is hosting the first ever Winston-Salem Yoga Festival on May 18th! You better come because it’s gonna be awesome!


14. Rolok Fitness Center – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tucked away in a jungle shala, this studio is my home away from home and it could be yours too! This studio is all about bringing the world to you through yoga! Every month they have a new teacher from a different place in the world who teaches you what they know from their part of the globe! Pretty cool, I know!


15. Island Yoga – Aruba

I got my SUP Yoga certification at this studio, but honestly this is the studio I come to when I need to be reminded why I do yoga. Whether I’m out on the SUP, in Carolyn’s terra wave class or practicing meditation with Rachel I always feel like I’m coming home to myself. And isn’t that what yoga is? A coming home.


16. Envision Festival – Uvita, Costa Rica

This is the BEST yoga festival in the world and I’m not playin! Every year Envision has the most incredible yoga teachers who hold space for thousands of students. By the time Envision is over I always feel as if I’ve finished a college level yoga class. Why? Because I leave more educated on this practice than when I had arrived. And that’s why I keep coming back. I love to learn and Envision provides that educational platform for their festival goers.


17. Modo Yoga – Prince Edward Island, Canada

PEI is freezing and Modo Yoga is a hot yoga studio. You picking up what I’m putting down? This studio has an awesome community of yogis who love welcoming new students to their space. That’s why I loved my experience there so much! Also the yoga is AMAZING!!!


18. Kindness Yoga – Denver, Colorado

I loved the quiet of this yoga studio or maybe it was the peace. All I know is practicing at Kindness Yoga was the silence I needed to hear. It was everything.


19. BaliRica Casitas – Ojochal, Costa Rica

A yoga shala jungle paradise surrounded by fruit trees, mountains, cute animals and a loving community! BaliRica is an alternative jungle hotel inspired by the mystical Bali and jungles of Costa Rica with a yoga studio on site! They also host weekly Buddhism and Tai Chi classes so if you’re in Costa Rica definitely stop by for a class!


20. Studio Fit Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

I personally love practicing at this studio because it is a studio that is dedicated to empowering women and that is what we need in the world! I also love this studio because of the MANY classes this studio offers. They have dance, yoga, barre, kickboxing and more!

21. The Cruise Ship Dock – Lisbon, Portugal

This is a secret dock completely separate from the “real” cruise ship dock. It’s so secret that most locals don’t even know about it. This dock is the perfect place to watch the sunset in downtown Lisbon as you practice on your mat!

25 Places to Practice Yoga Before You Turn 25


22. Wanderlust Festival

This is a traveling yoga festival that is led by Chelsey Korus, DJ Drez, and MC Yogi. I mean if you like yoga this festival is for you and if you you like to dance this festival is for YOU! Not to mention you get to travel to a cool destination in the US on top of the yoga and epic dance parties.


23. Amazing Yoga – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I once took class here twice in one day and was called a psychopath. That’s how hard the classes are. They are insane, but I live for a challenging yoga class! This studio is located on the Southside of the ‘burgh looking out over E. Carson Street.


24. Riverside Drive Park – Upper West Side, Manhattan

They have paintings of Goddesses and it’s a park so high up in Manhattan you can’t even see the city. Talk about the perfect yogic escape!


25. Empty Rooftops

No this isn’t a yoga studio. These are places throughout the world where you can experience an entire city, the ocean or watch the sunset from the highest seat in the house while doing what you love on your mat!

Wherever you’re at in the world, my birthday wish is that you take a moment for YOU and your mat today! So pick a studio, pick a location or pick your favorite rooftop and go yoga your heart out! Then tell me about your experience!

This traveling yogi is off to my mat and then to eat all the birthday cake I want!

Happy Birthday to me!