I have been traveling the world and teaching yoga for four years. In my four years of travel I have come across some strange allergies, illnesses, and AMAZING holistic healing remedies for all of them.

If you travel as much as I do, you know that being sick on the road sucks. So let’s jump on our traveling yoga mats and learn how we can stay healthy together!

The Xanadu Yoga Guide to Healthy Living Abroad!


Know what you eat, in fact write it down so you don’t forget.

When I lived in Costa Rica, I was eating exotic fruits and veggies everyday. One day I woke up with hives, itchiness, and dry skin. I thought I was allergic to the jungle, the mold, the moisture. Nope. I was allergic to mangoes. Because I was clueless back then and didn’t think I could be allergic to fruit, I had an even worse reaction that almost put me in the hospital two years later.

So KNOW what you are putting into your body and if it doesn’t sit right then it’s probably the food. Not the jungle.  


Tea Tree Oil Cures Infections and Makes Life Sanitary!

If you mix Tea Tree Oil w/ a splash of alcohol and warm water then you have yourself a holistic sanitation system for your yoga mats, props, and clothing!  

My lady friends!

Ever have a yeast infection while on the road? Sucks right?

Soak a towel in warm water w/ a FEW drops of tea tree oil. Apply it once a day for three days. No antibiotics needed and you’re back to a happy and healthy travel life!


Probiotics are my MUST HAVE item while traveling.

They help with digestion, preventing infection, and they keep our immune systems squeaky clean!

Pineapple, Calcium, and Magnesium

All are holistic ways to remedy a cough for a short period of time. If you want extra Calcium and Magnesium try a drink mix. You just pour it into your water bottle and you’re set!

The Xanadu Yoga Guide to Healthy Living Abroad!


Wash your hands, cover your mouth, and use GermX everywhere you go!

If a four year old can do it, then YOU can do it too!


Sage and Crystals.

Sage clears odors and energy in a room which is perfect to do after a yoga class! Crystals clear, heal, and balance the chakras. I sage weekly and use my crystals in my practice and during the Full Moon.

The Xanadu Yoga Guide to Healthy Living Abroad!


Buy your medication at home NOT abroad.

Like I said before, KNOW what you put into your body. You don’t know how your body could react to something it’s not used to AKA a foreign chemical. So be smart and plan ahead. If you need a certain medication then talk to your doctor and get it before you go. That goes for ibuprofen, cold meds, ointments, everything.


Drink Water

Drink 2X your normal water intake at room temperature so your metabolism doesn’t slow down. Flying, swimming, yoga, and anything that requires movement eventually dehydrates our bodies, so DRINK UP.


Not a Fan of Eating Healthy?

Make it fun and share it with others!

My favorite part of travel is sitting down to have a meal with others where we learn about each other’s cultures, celebrate differences, and swap travel stories all while sharing a delicious meal. So why not make it a cooking party? Everyone can cook a healthy dish from their country which is another great way to LEARN about the world around us.


DIY Healthy Meals & Snacks:

The Xanadu Yoga Guide to Healthy Living Abroad!


Chop up your favorite fruits, veggies, and seeds. Add ice, a splash of water and blend it together!

A Curry or Junk Yard Salad!

Take all your leftover veggies, pasta, rice, add a spicy sauce or dressing then saute it all together!

Avocados are my life. Avocados are my wife!

Make guacamole or avocado toast!

Or you can just add salt and chia to your avocado and eat it with a spoon! Avocados are a healthy fat for our bodies and perfect for a quick protein boost! So eat ALL the guacamole. It’s healthy!  


Yoga and Meditate.

The Xanadu Yoga Guide to Healthy Living Abroad!

The yogis figured it out thousands of years ago that in order to relax the mind, we must work out the body and then lie it down.

So pull out your mat and MOVE.

If you don’t have a home studio, check out my podcast class HERE.

No idea HOW to meditate? Or maybe you LOVE to meditate. Regardless, check out these FREE apps below!

Headspace Ten FREE ten minute meditations

Insight Timer– Hundreds of FREE guided meditations.

Let’s recap!

Staying healthy abroad can be easy, fun, and educational. It’s easy when we think ahead and know what’s good for our bodies. It’s fun when we learn how to cook a new dish or try a new food. It’s educational if we choose to experience the culture around us while diving deep within.

To dive deeper into holistic and healthy traveling, check out my favorite healthy eats in Costa Rica and the US.





Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new sounds, her current favorite artists are: Nahko Bear, CloZee, & DJ Drez.