I am a traveling yogi by heart and career. I am on the road six months out of the year. Sometimes more! While not on the road I find myself a home base to rest, catch up on work, or to simply explore a new part of the world I haven’t lived in yet. 


So how does a traveling yogi choose a home base in between the traveling moments?


Productive Environment

If you’re someone who likes fast paced environments, convenience, and works well under stress then a city would serve you well. If you’re more into a slower flow of life, enjoys being outside with the Mother Earth, and can easily cozy up and get work done at a local library or cafe then a beach or mountain town is your productive environment. 

How To Choose a Home Base in Between The Traveling Moments


I always keep transportation at the top of my list when choosing a home base. If there is not a train or plane within 15 minutes of me then I’m not living there. Why? Because having the opportunity to explore on the days off keeps travel in your soul and adventure in your heart. 


Local and Healthy Food

Supporting local businesses and people helps grow the economy in your home base. When the local biz serves healthy food then it helps you stay productive, healthy, and supportive of the community you’re in. 

How To Choose a Home Base in Between The Traveling Moments


Quality of Life

This is the most important choice when choosing a home base. Are the people who live here content? Are different cultures and viewpoints accepted? Are the rent and living wage reasonable? Is it safe? If the answer is yes then you just found your home base! 


Self Care

How you take care of yourself and what a home base can provide to support your self care is important! Things to look for are yoga studios, parks with recreational options, 24-hour gyms, and a place to go walking or running. 

How To Choose a Home Base in Between The Traveling Moments

Nomadic Community

The best part about the places I mentioned above is that they all have community. What if we took this a step further though and found healthy individuals who are expats or nomads like yourself? I know my soul would be SO happy if I found traveling yogis like myself in a place I’m choosing as a home base. 

Choosing a home base in between the traveling moments is crucial to your overall growth and traveling lifestyle. To choose the right home base for you, take into consideration:

♦What keeps you productive

♦How you will get around and explore

♦Eating and supporting local

♦The quality of life you desire

♦Self care

♦The community you want to be surrounded by


It’s time for this traveling yogi to go and explore my own home base in Boston. If you found this blog post helpful in finding a home base in between your traveling moments then give it a share below! 

Until next time my traveling yoga loves!





Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures, interviewing inspiring souls and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! A big fan of discovering new poetry, her current favorite poets are: Rupi Kaur, Lena Moon, and Carlos Andres Gomez.