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Welcome to Xanadu Yoga!


My name is Brytta.

I am a world traveling yoga instructor who teaches on all parts of the globe and coaches yoga teachers how to do the same!

Xanadu Yoga has been a dream of mine for quite sometime. When I was a little girl, my mother and I used to watch the Gene Kelly film Xanadu. I was inspired by the goddesses, glitter and the beautiful music.  Xanadu is defined as an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty. To me it is a place of love and magic that we can find within and bring with us anywhere we go. In the song, the lyrics are “Xanadu now we are here.” Xanadu brings us back to the present, being in the now.  Xanadu is the yoga. Xanadu is travel. Xanadu is the magic, love, beauty and magnificence that we all have within us. Xanadu is now.

I am sure you can imagine what I am about just from the above paragraph, but just in case you want to know more, I will fill you in. I am a glitter girl at heart, lover of mermaids, whales, pizza, and hikes in the rain. I am Greek, Portuguese and a Taurus meaning I am loud, loving, caring and passionate as fuck! I am a big believer in the universe and my dreams, so when I put my dreams out to the universe, they always, ALWAYS come true. So being the Greek girl that I am, my travel journey began on the tiny island of Hydra, Greece.

I traveled to Greece in pursue of an acting dream and left as a yoga teacher. I was in a Greek play and we needed a yoga warm up every morning before rehearsal. Well I do yoga, so I volunteered to teach a class every morning. I had no idea that this would change my life forever. I fell in love with Greece and the islands and the people and the food and in big ways, myself. I stayed and studied and taught in Greece for three weeks before returning home.

So where is home? That would be the beautiful island of Manhattan. I arrived back in New York City with new dreams and ready to start a new life. I signed up for a teacher training and after ten hard working weeks, I was officially a certified yoga teacher.

Once certified, I backpacked the U.K. and Europe, teaching yoga along the way.  After that trip I was hooked! The travel life filled my soul, so I continued my journey to Costa Rica teaching yoga to travelers at the jungle hotel BaliRica. 

After the jungle life, I packed my bags for Aruba where I received my SUP Yoga and SUP Certifications at Island Yoga.

And now I’m studying toward my 300-hour at Laughing Lotus (A glitter yoga studio that is full of ALL THE LOVE!)

I have fallen madly in love with the teaching and travel life and decided that this is what I want for my career.  I want to inspire others from all parts of the globe through yoga! I want to teach this beautiful practice to everyone I meet and I want to teach yoga instructors how to do the same! And one day down the road, I will open a yoga hostel in Europe (Shhhh! The location is still a secret!). These are my dreams and I plan on making them come true!

Many people have called me crazy for having big dreams and traveling the world, but I would be offended if I were to be called normal. So call me crazy, but life’s not meant to be spent sitting behind a desk filing papers. Life is meant to be lived and we were given this world to travel every inch of it! I climbed a cliff in Portugal once where I met an artist at the top who liked shouting to the world that he is an artist. So now I shout to the world who I am.

My name is Brytta Byers and I am a world traveling yoga instructor and this is Xanadu Yoga!

With light, love, and glitter,


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