Imagine walking into a yoga studio and the first thing you see are blocks across the studio floor, papers all over the front desk and shoes flung all over the place.

When I see that in a yoga studio, my first impression is that the studio and staff are not taken care of. The second impression is that the yoga studio needs organization. 


Thankfully, that’s where I step in!


Today I’m sharing with you two easy things that you can do today to organize your yoga studio!


Invest in a Label Maker

Label shelves for students (and teachers) to put their blocks away. 

Label shoe cubbies. 

Label studio drawers and the desk organizers that go into them. 

Label everything that could come up as a question in the future as to where something belongs.


When we label things in our studio it creates organization and team accountability which is needed when running an organized and successful yoga studio. 

To get the best label maker for your studio check out

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A Studio Checklist 

This is my favorite part about studio organization!

Create a short studio checklist for your team to complete during their shift. 

This is a non-invasive list.


It is more along the lines of:

-Wipe down the front desk

-Clean and re-stack the blocks

-Vacuum the floors

-Any easy to do tasks that make your studio organized and clean. 


Great options to create checklists are Wunderlist and Google Docs as both are online and accessible to the manager and team. 


One of my fellow managers once told me that if you wouldn’t do a task yourself then do not ask your team to do it. I suggest living by this rule as it grows trust and respect within your team.


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Studio organization is key to running an organized and successful studio as it leaves a fantastic first impression on your students, holds your team accountable and builds trust and respect between you and your team. 


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Two Easy Things That You Can Do Today To Organize Your Yoga Studio