I love communicating. I like to talk, to listen and to draft those clear and concise emails. I enjoy having conversations with people as it’s an opportunity to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. 


So what happens if you don’t love doing these things or maybe you aren’t confident in this area?


It means that you have an opportunity to grow as a leader in your yoga studio! 



Your communication needs to be clear, concise and compassionate with appropriate boundaries. This type of communication should be in your day to day conversations, emails and phone calls with your staff and students. To learn more about effective communication in the yoga studio read my blog post:

Six Lessons I Learned My First Month as a Yoga Studio Manager



Listening can be difficult, but I truly believe that it makes you the best leader. Listening means letting the other person speak while you do not respond verbally or with facial expressions or think of what you should say next. It is hearing someone out even if you don’t agree. When people feel heard then they feel appreciated and that’s the environment you want to create in your studio. A grateful one. If listening isn’t your strongest suit then I suggest an active listening meditation or a sharing circle. Rachel Brathen leads these on Her Platform. Try one out then journal about your experience!


Clear and Concise Emails

It brings me pure joy to write these. That’s my Type A personality speaking! These emails should be medium length and NOT a book. Include spacing, underlining, bold font and color code everything. I am ALWAYS overly direct in my emails because I want my team to be in the know about everything happening at our yoga studio. To get yoga studio email templates sign up for my

Hiring Guide For Yoga Studios


The Conversations

This is the best part about being a yoga studio manager. It’s an opportunity to connect with your people! It’s also a chance to listen to feedback about what’s working and not working at your yoga studio. Or maybe it’s the team meeting where you play games, eat snacks and enjoy the company of the team you created. Enjoy it and let yourself be present in it. You deserve it!

Effective communication in the yoga studio is key to studio growth. When we communicate effectively then it teaches our studio team and students that we’re providing a safe environment where they too can communicate their needs. This communication is clear, direct and gives space for mistakes and growth. Most importantly, our effective communication is a tool for our team to use everyday at our studio.

To learn more about effective communication and leadership in the yoga studio then sign up for my 


Hiring Guide For Yoga Studios

How To Establish Effective Communication In The Yoga Studio





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