Creating professional partnerships for your yoga studio is one of the most fun and fulfilling parts about being a yoga studio manager. 

Creating these partnerships is an opportunity for you to grow your class sizes, studio memberships and future collaborations. 

Today I’m sharing with you how to create these partnerships and how they will serve your studio and community!



Create a spreadsheet with a list of the following:

Every business you want to partner with for future events

Why you want to partner with them

What they can do for your studio and vice versa

The season or month you prefer to partner with them

The date you will reach out to them

Date of the event once it’s scheduled

Contact Information


Create a Gift Bag

This gift bag shows you care about first impressions so make sure this gift bag represents your studio and mission.

Fun Freebies:

Reusable water bottle

Studio stickers (maybe this is your business card)

A free class card

Healthy bars

Sweat towel


Say Hello!

Grab those gift bags and walk around the neighborhood. Introduce yourself and your business and be sure to talk to both the employees and business owner. If the employees rave about you then the business owner will be more likely to want to partner with you since you just made such a good impression on their staff. 


Schedule a Meeting Time

This is easy! 

Email the business or biz owner you want to partner with. Tell them what your studio can do for their business and what you think they can do for yours. Basically pitch them your idea. Give them one week to respond. If you haven’t heard from them in that time-frame, then follow-up. 


The Meeting

Schedule this meeting two months before the intended event. Come prepared to chat for 1-2 hours max. Bring your laptop, spreadsheet, the contract, your collaboration idea (pitch) and how you can help each other’s businesses grow!


The Collaboration

This is where your studio and the business you want to work with work together to create an event or service that benefits both of your businesses and is being of service to your communities. 


Partner with a gym to host a yoga and fitness day. Start the event at the gym for cardio bootcamp then end the event at your studio with a relaxing restorative flow.

Bonus points if you donate the proceeds to a local charity. 


Marketing the Event or Ongoing Collaboration

Once you have secured event details, begin marketing the event to your students and community one month prior to the event. If this partnership is a collaboration such as getting free classes for your teachers at a fitness studio in exchange for classes at your yoga studio then let your staff know about the collaboration via email one week prior to the collaboration start date. 

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The Day Before and Day Of

Send an email reminder to event participants the day before and the day of the event. Then show up to your event two hours early to make sure everything is set up correctly. I would also call/text the business you’re partnering with to see if they need help with anything. 


The Follow-Up

Your partnership event went great! Your student audience grew! Now schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss what worked, what didn’t and what you will change for future events and collaborations. Schedule your next meeting or event with this business so you can continue being of service and growing your studio. 

Creating professional partnerships for your yoga studio is a wonderful opportunity to create trust within your community, grow your student audience and to continue being of service within your business.


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How To Create Professional Partnerships For Your Yoga Studio 





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