Yoga studios are reopening! Finally! 

With yoga studios reopening, it’s important that you create and implement a COVID-19 safety plan for your yoga studio.

If you have no idea how to do this or maybe you’re nervous about reopening then no sweat! 

I got you covered with my COVID-19 Safety Plan!



Step 1

Research your country and state COVID-19 guidelines. 


Step 2

Read the Yoga Alliance Guidebook for reopening yoga studios.


Step 3

Create yoga studio safety stations with disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, wipes and disposable masks.


Step 4

Plan each class for ten students maximum so that you can ensure that everyone is safe while practicing in your yoga studio. 

If you have a large studio.

For example, an entire floor of a building then refer back to your country’s guidelines to find out what is legally allowed occupancy wise. 


Step 5

Require all students to bring their own mat and props. You can provide wipes for them to wipe down their own mats after class. 


Step 6

Once students and staff arrive, require social distancing and that students and staff wear masks in the lobby, locker rooms and any open areas that you feel masks should be worn. 


Step 7

Check in your students online rather than having them come directly to the front desk.

You can do this via iPhone or iPad with your online check-in system.

Step 8

Clean your yoga studio thoroughly in between each class. Additionally, you need to clean at opening and closing. 


Cleaning Requirements: 

Sweep the floors

Swiffer the floors

Vacuum rugs (if you have them)

Wipe down all surfaces, objects, door handles and cubbies

Sanitize the air by burning sage or spraying disinfectant spray 

Windex studio doors and windows


Step 9

If someone is sick or you hear of a student or employee being around someone who has COVID-19, kindly have them leave the studio. If any issues come up, kindly refer to your yoga studio COVID-19 policy and/or country guidelines. You can also read my guide on effective communication HERE. Then give them the choice between a class refund or online class credit. 

If a student or employee has tested positive for COVID-19 then you need to immediately inform your students and staff via email and tell them what your plan is. 

You then need to shut down your yoga studio for 24-48 hours to deep clean it. There are companies who specialize in COVID-19 cleaning that you can hire if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself. 

While your studio is being deep cleaned you can teach online classes via Zoom so your students don’t miss a class and so you can still make an income. 


Step 10

Publish your yoga studio safety plan on your website and social media which you can find an example of HERE.

Then print, laminate and post it around your yoga studio.

COVID-19 has created a time of uncertainty.

However, uncertainty is the opportunity to use the tools this yoga practice has given us and put them to good use.  

I just gave you a tool. Now put it to good use!


To learn more about yoga studio safety and guidelines

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How to Create and Implement a COVID-19 Safety Plan For Your Yoga Studio





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