Yoga studio auditions are quite the experience.

Don’t you agree?


In my experience they are either run exceptionally well or they turn into a crash and burn situation within moments. 


I think this happens because there’s no training on how to run a yoga studio audition.


Until now. 


Five problems with yoga studio auditions and how you can fix them!


You’ve never run an audition before

This means you need to research. Reach out to your contacts within the yoga industry and ask them what worked for them and what didn’t. After you’ve researched and connected with your contacts, create your own audition outline which is the layout and requirements of how your audition will go.


You hired your friend

Don’t hire your friends. I’m someone who truly cherishes my friendships which is why I will rarely work with my friends. 


Because it’s difficult to separate work life from personal life.

If a miscommunication happens or if a policy gets broken or if it just doesn’t work out it can be difficult to not lose that friendship in addition to losing them as an employee.

Moral of story: 

Enjoy your friends. Don’t work with them.


You hired an influencer

This is my biggest no. Don’t hire influencers without auditioning them or attending their class first. I say this as someone who has taken classes with teachers in this category from all over the world in addition to working with them. I can honestly say that there were only two famous yoga teachers who teach exceptional classes. The rest taught as if they’ve never taught yoga a day in their life. Additionally, many influencers will not advertise their class at your studio as there is an assumption people will just show up. That’s not how business works. To conclude, just because someone is an influencer, it does not mean they are a good fit for your studio. Audition them first, because then you can make your own judgement call for your studio business. 


You ran a group audition

Group auditions are a terrible idea even on Zoom. This is the perfect place to create an environment full of anxiety and nerves. To show that you care about your teachers, schedule a private audition. This shows the teacher that you respect them and their time. It’s also an opportunity to get to know them on a genuine level, because there are no outside pressures influencing who they have to be. It’s also giving them the opportunity to shine which is what you want for them in each class they teach. To learn more about caring for your teachers read my guide: 

My Five Favorite Ways To Support Yoga Teachers


You only gave them five minutes to teach

Every audition should be a 15 minute minimum. This does not include interviewing them so schedule 45 minutes of time. 30 to interview, 15 to audition or schedule the interview prior to the audition date. Every studio manager should require an application and resume before the audition. Read more about yoga resumes here. If for some reason you can’t hold in person auditions then request that your teacher send in an audition video. This is a recorded 15 minutes of the teacher teaching a class. 

Yoga studio auditions used to be full of problems, but now they no longer have to be. Use the five solutions mentioned above to run a successful yoga studio audition. 


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Five Problems With Yoga Studio Auditions And How You Can Fix Them




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