Skype Yoga is a class you can take with you while on the road and around the world!


Skype Yoga Includes:

♦A 60-90 minute sequence designed specifically for what you want in your practice

♦Each class you receive a playlist and yoga readings (upon request) so you can learn while on and off your mat

♦On our mats and in our practice we have options. Your class options include:

Restorative: An easy flow class to heal and restore the body from injury, exhaustion, or to simply relax

Vinyasa Flow: A sweaty class where we flow through twists, lunges, and planks while working on strength and flexibility

Yoga Sculpt: A core strengthening and muscle toning class where we flow it out with weights

♦FREE phone consultation prior to the event

If you want Brytta to lead your practice via Skype, send her an EMAIL!

She would love to practice with you around the world while on your mat!