We are at the three day countdown until the

Winston Salem Yoga Festival



I am so excited about this yoga festival for many reasons.

The first is that I will be participating in it by giving a talk on how to be a traveling yoga teacher!

The second is that for one whole day I will be surrounded by yoga teachers who are changing the world!


Let’s meet these world changing yogis, shall we?


Intention Setting with Jacqueline Brooke

Get ready to dive deep with Jacqueline to learn how to set our intentions and how setting them can transform our whole life! I think I’m most excited for this session simply because I want to know how to go about doing it. Will we be making vision boards, speaking our dreams out loud, meditating? What will it be?


Creating Inclusive Communities with Kennae & Kate

These two yogis are from Charleston, NC. They will be leading a breakout session on yoga, social justice and having a relationship with ourselves and those around us. What I’m looking forward to most in this session is learning how I can be a voice for those who need one and how being a voice in the yoga world can serve the greater good of our community.


Rainbow Yoga: Honoring the LGBTQ+ Community

Lana Skrypnyk, founder of Healing Vibes by Lana is teaching a session on connecting to our true selves, shedding the “should be’s” of society, and exploring our boundaries. I’m excited to learn about how Lana creates safe spaces in the the yoga community for our LGBTQ+ yogis and to bring these safe spaces out into the world.


Skill in Action with Johnette & Maria

There is nothing I love more than a good meditation and discussion to follow! Especially when that discussion is centered around liberation and creating a just world for all! I have a feeling this session will be a light in educating the yoga community on what it’s like to really take our yoga off the mat! Stay tuned my fellow super yogis!


Get ready to learn my traveling yogis and to change the world at the

Winston Salem Yoga Festival!

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