This past February I had the opportunity to attend Envision Festival. I experienced incredible concerts, moving sound and meditation workshops, and some of the most life changing yoga classes. One of the classes I attended was Yintrospective with Gina Caputo. Gina’s class had me laughing and feeling so much within, which is why I am thrilled to share her interview with you all.

Meet Gina Caputo, Envision Festival yoga instructor and founder and director of the Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder, CO. 


Interview with Gina Caputo- Founder of: The Colorado School of Yoga


What is the biggest joy of teaching at festivals like Envision Festival?

The breadth of people you meet, the all over differences and interests, a mission for difference and permission. To not be that one identity and a commitment to freedom.


How are you so yourself in your yoga classes?

I don’t have a choice. Yoga is about connection and being authentic to self.


How do you create the balance of cracking hysterical commentary while still letting your students experience the practice?

Leverage inherent sensitivity. I am a Cancer, the oldest child, and a leader. Yoga is absurd and thus gives us opportunities of humor and humanity. It helps us highlight the patterns and gives us the opportunity to illuminate our shit.


What is your must have for your classes?

Laughter and breath. Be sincere. Not serious.

Interview with Gina Caputo- Founder of: The Colorado School of Yoga


If you could tell or teach your students one thing when the practice is overwhelming or challenging, what would that be?

Relax around your process. This is a journey with twists and turns.


Why do you teach? What inspires you to teach?

Being a teacher is the best profession. It is a privilege to say come in. We are vessels, so we receive too. The opportunity to stay connected is a privilege. It’s amazing!


Anything else you want to share with us?

The focus of this practice is to cultivate awareness. It is a foundation of relationships, parenting, and activism.

Lastly, get serious about the environment and about getting rid of plastic. As yogis we can do this. We can lead this.

May extraordinary consciousness be the goal.

Connect with Gina Caputo

Founder of:

Colorado School of Yoga

Interview with Gina Caputo- Founder of: The Colorado School of Yoga

Gina Caputo, originally from Northern California is the director and founder of the Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder, Colorado. The Colorado School of Yoga elevates yoga education and emphasizes on the teachers natural gifts. The school offers programs in foundational trainings and continuing education in advanced areas of focus for yoga teachers. To connect and learn with Gina, you can email her here!