Meet Adriana Rizzolo

Envision Festival Movement Teacher


Founder of

Art of Loving You


Tell us about the Art of Loving You?

The essence of it is the journey and the return back to the love that resides within our own being. 


Tell us about your school The Power of Love. Who is it for and what are the offerings of it?

The Power of Love offers dance journey, meditation, energy healing, yoga, yoga trainings and private one on one mentorship. 


Interview with Adriana Rizzolo- Founder of Art of Loving You

Do you have any retreats, workshops or teacher trainings coming up this or next year?

We have an online Power of Love training that is the inner work so there’s meditation and mantra, but it really goes deep into the philosophy of the lineages and traditions that we share. 

We have two workshops one in London called Life Space Healing in March and one in Paris which is a women’s Power of Love Le Tigre Club and a regular co-ed one with David and I. 


You have a podcast called Soul Crush. What is it about?

Soul Crush is a podcast dedicated to sexuality, spirituality and stories that suit the soul. 

I bring guests on and I speak on it myself.

The first 17 episodes I interviewed other people in the world who were spiritual embodiment and people who were my soul crushes and who I resonated with. I also do it to share and with my years of spiritual practice one of the things it’s done is that it’s put me in tune with receiving really good medicine. It’s a trust in the flow of grace that I feel that I’ve come into. It has brought me into this thing that I can really trust on some level that this person I’m interviewing really resonates with me and I have this desire to share them and how spirit is moving through them with others.  


Can you talk about bringing yoga through service and how people can take their yoga off the mat and bring it out into the world?

On the path of Bhakti yoga, service is a really big component. We’re required and asked to go out of the places where we’re comfortable and to take action. It’s called Seva in Sanskrit. It’s the practice of really seeing God in everyone. It’s not just that you’re serving someone food or taking clothes you don’t like to the homeless shelter which is totally apart of it. It’s more how would it feel to take your favorite jean jacket or pair of boots that aren’t worn too much and giving that? The feeling of attachment that’s inside of that. The feeling of that, of that letting go that happens and the liberation that emerges from that is part of the Seva. It’s part of our service project called Love Seva and part of it is feeding people. Our guru’s guru (Ram Dass’s guru) basically only gave a few teachings and one of them is feed people. We also just love to do that. That’s the essence of it. We’re not just serving them food, but we’re also there to see God in them and to tell them that. We’re asked why we’re here and we tell them just to love and people just totally get it. It’s pretty amazing and something you really have to experience. It’s a big part of what we also want to bring back into the yoga culture and world is the true sense of seva and service. We haven’t figured out how to teach it yet other than to be it.

Interview with Adriana Rizzolo- Founder of Art of Loving You

How has your education from India inspired your teaching and your service in the world?

In every way. Infinitely and forever more.

I could only ever be grateful to India as a land and place that has birthed so many mystics that have really helped me feel less alone in the world. 


Do you have a mantra or meditation that you’re currently living by that you want to share with the Envision Festival community?


That divine mother energy that manifests in all forms including us and the deep healing and the feminine that really needs healing. The Earth really needs healing. It’s super intense to be able to allow ourselves to feel that. I really want to hold space for people to feel their feelings  and to feel the suffering that we’re actually here to feel on some level and to transmute it to be useful for others. 

Connect with Adriana Rizzolo

Founder of

Art of Loving You

Interview with Adriana Rizzolo- Founder of Art of Loving You

Adriana resides and teaches in Ojai and Eastside of Los Angeles, California. To take a class with Adriana, check out her Offerings.

To continue following her journey, you can listen to her podcast Soul Crush or follow her on Instagram @artofloving