Envision Festival 

has officially come to a close, but it always feels like a new opening or deeper sense of being!

This year’s festival brought me healing, trust in the universe and meaningful moments that changed my life for the better!

If I could choose four moments that made my life more meaningful, it would be these four moments!



When you go to Envision Festival, everyone has that one set they are dying to dance to and every year it is CloZee! Her music lights up the crowd! We love the fire she brings into her sound and dancing to her at 3am is what the Envision community lives for! Most importantly, we love that she comes back every year lighting up the night with her music!


Rachel Brathen’s “Holding Space” Yoga Class

Every time I take a yoga class with Rachel, it is the feeling of coming home to who we truly are. Rachel taught us to listen, connect and hold space for other humans. Her class taught us to feel what needs to be felt. Whether that be laughing in the moment, crying in Savasana or truly holding and loving another person for who they are. All I can say is thank you Rachel. Thank you for teaching us about the much needed work we all need to do.


DJ Drez’s Ecstatic Dance

I won’t lie Drez’s ecstatic dance was lit! It was that end of festival dance party we all needed! What I loved was the energy he created with his music. The jungle and his music was within us all that night and did we let it move!


The Trevor Hall Concerts

Trevor performed Friday and Saturday night. Both completely different vibes, but I must say that his Saturday night show on Village Stage touched our hearts in the most delicate and beautiful ways. He let his music tell us a story that night. He invited special guests to perform with him from around the world and they were awesome! We were vibing and loving hard that night together as a community. That’s what Trevor’s music does. It brings us together so we can love a little deeper and listen with all of our hearts.  

Were you at Envision Festival 2019?

What was a meaningful moment for you? What changed your life?

Share your experience below! Let’s celebrate and create community together!


*Feature photo provided by Envision Festival