Envision Festival 2020

is going to be the adventure of the upcoming festival season!

Envision Festival is not only expanding to a week long festival, but it will be featuring the most amazing artists!



Now we all have our favorite artists, but what if I told you that

all of them will be headlining Envision Festival 2020?

That’s right! Envision Festival just dropped the most epic headliner announcement ever!



Are you ready for this jungle music magic?


Nahko and Medicine For the People

I have been waiting years for this dream to come true and today is the day! Nahko and Medicine For The People will be performing for the ten year anniversary of Envision Festival as a follow up to their “Take Your Power Back” tour. NMFTP are known for their life changing music geared toward learning about the injustices of the world while waking us up with a positive dose of the medicine music.




This queen is the reason why us festival goers attend Envision Festival every year. We live to dance to her electric jungle beats! What I love year after year of her headlining Envision is that she gives us a fresh take on her music as her sounds are full of mystery. So get ready to dance your jungle heart out with CloZee!




What I love about this Australian trio is that their electronica funk sound is inspired by places from around the world. Their music makes your body light up and move which is exactly what we’re here for at Envision Festival 2020!



Tipper’s electronic music takes us through a wonderland of tempos and vibrations. What I love about his sound is that it invites us to dive deep into a journey of unknowing. And at Envision Festival, that’s what we’re all about. Taking that first deep dive into something completely unknown to us, but coming out as a higher vibration. 


If you’re here and ready (I know I definitely am) to dive deep into the jungle then NOW is the time to get those

Envision Festival 2020 Tickets. 


If you’re brand new to Envision Festival, then check out my festival guide HERE.


See you on the jungle dance floor my traveling yoga loves! 


Feature Photo by Eric Allen Photography




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