Envision Festival 2020

is officially ONE month away! 


Cue all the dancing, meditation, and yoga!


That’s right ALL the yoga and this year these five yogis to flow with should be at the top of your mat! 


Ashleigh Sergeant

Ashleigh is the Yoga & Movement Coordinator for Envision Festival 2020. In addition to her work at Envision Festival, she is the Head of Yoga Content for Gaia.com and was the Global Yoga Trainer for Adidas for five years. Ashleigh will be creating connection with all of us on our mats while celebrating the ten year anniversary of Envision Festival.


Adriana Rizzolo

Adriana is a yoga and meditation teacher in addition to being a writer and podcast host for her podcast Soul Crush. What I love about Adriana is how her teachings align with service, which she is a true example of through her service project LoveSeva. I’m excited to experience what Adriana offers at Envision Festival as her background in yoga and service is so vast. 


Jonah Kest

Jonah is a traveling yoga teacher originally from Detroit, Michigan. He wrote on his Instagram that his goal for 2020 is to create more positive energetic connections. Envision Festival is full of connections, so I’m thrilled to be taking class with a teacher whose mission is exactly that. You can catch him teaching February 20-24 for a long yoga weekend! 


Andrew Sealy

Andrew is a traveler, yoga teacher, and the podcast host of Yoga Revealed. He will be teaching Acro Yoga at Envision Festival as well as teaching daily classes at the Imiloa Institute for the Envision Experience. 


Rachel Brathen

Rachel is an international yoga teacher, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and the mom of Lea Luna. She is the yoga headliner for Envision Festival and will be hosting the Yoga Girl Retreat February 15-24. What I love about Rachel’s classes is that she always inspires us to live truthfully through our practice on and off our yoga mat. 

The 30 day countdown is on my traveling yogis! 

If you still haven’t secured your spot then you can do that



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See you on the mat jungle style!


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