I say this every year and I will continue saying it. 


If you’re going to a festival next year then Envision Festival is where you need to BE! 


Just in case you are not convinced yet, let me tell you five reasons why you need to be at

Envision Festival 2020!


The Yoga!

Not only are there daily yoga and meditation classes at Envision Festival led by teachers from around the world, but there’s also a yoga retreat happening before the festival begins! The most exciting part is that Rachel Brathen is hosting it! So if you’re new to Costa Rica, Yoga, or Envision Festival then I would sign up today as this is an incredible opportunity to begin your Envision adventure!


The Music!

Nahko Bear and CloZee are headlining Envision Festival 2020. Be there! 


The Playa!

You can surf. You can swim. You can celebrate the sunset everyday at Envision Festival 2020! And since you don’t know yet, let me tell you about sunset time. It is the most magical, celebratory moment of Envision Festival! You dance and praise the Mama Earth while being in harmony with your fellow festival goers. It is the moment of bliss you don’t want to miss! 


The Vegan Food!

If you’re a vegan or a vegan in the make then YOU are about to live your vegan food dreams! Envision Festival hosts vegan food vendors from all parts of the world! The food vendors sell vegan ice cream, smoothies, pizza, bagels, and delicious life changing fruit! So if you’re ready to live your vegan food dreams then bring your reusable kitchenware and Envision Festival will hook you up veggie style! 


The Community!

If Envision Festival is successful at one thing then that is bringing people together to serve the world. I have met some of my truest friends at Envision Festival simply because we all believe in one cause. The Mother Earth and her people. 

Envision Festival 2020 is where you need to be! 

They have inspiring yoga classes with instructors from around the world. The music alone will change your life and the way your body moves to the jungle beats. The playa is everything especially if you live to surf and watch those magical sunsets while on your board! Food is life and vegan food supports it! Community is key and I can’t think of any other place or festival in this world that creates community like Envision. 

Those are my five reasons why you need to BE at Envision Festival 2020!

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See you in the jungle envisionaries!


Photo Credit: T. Pat Photography