Envision Festival 2019 is right around the jungle corner! Do you know what that means?

It means that this is a time for moving, growing and learning about our fellow humans and the world around us!

With that being said, I’m very excited to share with you my top four anticipated female speakers and workshop instructors of


Envision Festival 2019 Lineup: Top Four Female Speakers

Envision Festival 2019


Céline Cousteau

Cousteau is a filmmaker, traveler, jewelry designer, socio-environmental advocate and many more titles but all for the same cause! To bring humans and the environment together. Cousteau is the first on my list of speakers! I love that Envision has a speaker whose purpose in life is to bring humans and the world together. I’m excited to learn and most importantly to listen to what she has to teach us festival goers.


Mariafernanda Larraguivel

Larraguivel is a yoga sense instructor, Kinesiologist and co-owner of her business Aromaflor Organico. Her business is a plant + mineral based body care and essential oil line. I’m incredibly excited to learn about yoga, plant + mineral based products and how as a combination can help heal our fellow humans.


Adriana Ayales

Ayales is a Costa Rican native and the founder of Anima Mundi Apothecary. Ayales is known for her business of creating a “pure form” of healthcare through medicinal herb.  She studied plant medicine with teachers from around the world which inspired her company Anima Mundi Apothecary in New York City. As much as I’m thrilled to learn about medicinal herb in the form of healthcare, I’m even more excited to learn about the business side of medicinal herbs and what it takes to manifest a business that helps the world through the world.


Selva Bhairavi

Bhairavi is an Italian Visionary Weaver who uses plants and organic materials to weave her products. She uses walking as a meditation to channel the elements that make her weaves and believes we are all one as we are all weaved and interconnected into the same universe. I love mantras like that. I’m excited to see what this weaver has on the table for us. Will she teach us how to weave or will she give us a talk on the universe? Stay tuned my festival goers!

These ladies are your Top Four Female Speakers of Envision Festival 2019! To learn more about the speakers of Envision Festival, check out the full lineup HERE.


If you’re new to the festival, feel free to stop by my

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See you all in Costa Rica for four days of epic adventures, educational talks and life changing yoga!

Pura Vida!

*Feature photo by: Bradford Watkins Creations




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