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This Month Features:

Sarah Wilson


Founder Of:

Forward We Grow 

Interview With Sarah Wilson- Founder Of Forward We Grow


What inspired you to create Forward We Grow?

I traveled to Costa Rica, on my first solo travel experience, and worked at a local surf camp in Tamarindo. I felt uncomfortable, I tried new things and lived with strangers. I wanted to bring those experiences to life for other people and allow them to experience the growth that came from getting out of comfort zones. 


If it were someone’s first time to Forward We Grow what do you want them to know or experience?

The world is a big beautiful place with so many offerings and lessons to be learned. Forward We Grow offers a space to grow, get out of comfort zones, explore new places and cultures. I want participants to experience uncomfortability in whatever capacity that means for them. Whether that be trying surfing for the first time, overcoming your fear of heights and taking that leap off a cliff or being vulnerable with your fellow warriors. I want them to experience connection, love for other cultures and being an active participant in  advocating for our planet. 


You host yoga retreats in Costa Rica. Who are your retreats for? What is a day in the life like while on retreat?

Our retreats are inclusive for all beings. They are meant for those looking to learn and grow. We meet on our mats overlooking the ocean and mountains in the early morning to greet the sun. What follows is either a surf lesson, excursion to waterfalls, hot springs, exploring a local town or planting a tree with a local non-profit organization. We end the day together with a family style dinner and a led discussion on whatever our theme is for the retreat. 


Interview With Sarah Wilson- Founder Of Forward We Grow


Do you have any advice for yoga teachers who are new to building and teaching retreats?

It takes a lot of love and passion for hosting or teaching a retreat group. Leading a retreat comes with a lot of responsibility but make sure to have fun during the process! Ask for help when you need it! I suggest coming prepared for all levels of yogis and yoginis. Come prepared with flows that are in alignment with the themes of the retreat and the schedule for each day. An example would be if we are surfing for the day, preparing the bodies and minds of the students for the intensity of the exercise. 


What do you love about being a retreat leader?

I love witnessing each participant learn something about themselves or the world around them. The lifelong friendships and community they make while on retreat makes my heart overflow with gratitude. 


Interview With Sarah Wilson- Founder Of Forward We Grow


Costa Rica is truly a place of mystic and magic.

What will your students experience in Costa Rica while on retreat with you?

They will experience the pura vida way of life that rings through the country of Costa Rica. They will salsa dance under the stars with locals, take a trip to the farmers market and bathe in its natural fairy pools. The ocean is warm and inviting. The sunsets are different every night and truly unforgettable. 


How does your retreat stand out? Do you have a special offering that we can only experience while attending your retreat?

We are combining adventure, self-discovery, nourishing practices and eco-activism to create well-rounded experiences. We offer the opportunity to plant a tree with a local non-profit in hopes that each participant will learn and bring that activism to their own communities. 


Do you have a meditation or mantra that you’re currently living by to share with the Xanadu Yoga community?

I started off the year with the intention to not force anything, to purely enjoy life and live with ease. This mantra has vibrated within me since the start of the COVID virus influencing our daily lives. 

May you be happy,

May you be healthy,

May you be safe,

May you live with ease.

Connect with Sarah Wilson

Founder of

Forward We Grow

Interview With Sarah Wilson- Founder Of Forward We Grow

Sarah currently resides in Bloomington, IN and teaches at Anytime Fitness two days a week. In addition to her weekly classes, she’s offering free Live Stream Yoga Classes while we’re in this crazy time in life. To experience Costa Rica with Sarah, check out her retreats HERE. To follow Sarah in her journey and retreat adventures in Costa Rica you can find her on Instagram @ForwardWeGrow