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This Month Features:

Marianne Prim


Founder Of:

Rolok Fitness Center


What type of yoga and fitness does Rolok Fitness Center offer to the community?

Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Meditation, Boxing and HIIT training


What does community mean to you when it comes to Rolok Fitness Center?

It means everything. Humans are meant to be in community and unity. It just made sense to bring the community together to share an experience and to share knowledge.


Where do you see Rolok Fitness Center five years from now?

Wow, I’m not sure. Things are going so fast right now. I hope it will continue the way it goes. I cannot really say where I would see it five years from now. I try to live in the now and for now it is exactly where I want it to be. Maybe my priorities will shift a year from now. But today I can say wow I was able to make yoga accessible in Cambodia. Because of the mission we believed in and implemented every other yoga studio followed our business model.

Interview with Marianne Prim- Founder of Rolok Fitness Center


You hire traveling yoga teachers to work at your studio. What aspects of work and yoga do you look for when hiring an instructor?

That is a really question. I have hired a total of 9 yoga teachers so far! I think I’m looking for a connection. I have this intuition that tells me if someone could be a good match. I’m a human looking to connect with another human. The phone interview is everything. I need to know my teachers will be able to adapt to any environment and that my teachers are interested and knowledgeable about Cambodia. The experience doesn’t matter because I know experiences are a question of opportunities and luck. And if I don’t give that person an opportunity, how can they gain experiences?


Why do you think it’s important to have teachers from all over the world teaching at your fitness center?

Because it gives you a better perspective of what yoga is and what yoga can and should be. I think you learn better when you get taught by different teachers and all of them have the same philosophy.


What was the most challenging part of opening Rolok Fitness Center?

I think the opening. To just give up everything you have back home and to settle into another country. The whole process of making a dream a reality. I was terrified. You never know if your idea will work and you just have to trust yourself enough to make your dreams come true. That was the hardest part, to actually believe in myself.


Interview with Marianne Prim- Founder of Rolok Fitness Center


For teachers going after their dreams of opening a yoga studio, what is your one piece of advice to them?

Take the leap and follow your gut. You will make mistakes along the way but life has its way. You’ll be just fine.


What should a yoga instructor who’s just starting out in the business know about the professional yoga life?

Have a very hard strong rooted self practice! It takes a lot of energy to teach yoga so don’t forget your own practice while doing it.


What meditation or mantra are you currently living by?

Respect others and yourself and everything will be fine.

Connect with Marianne Prim

Founder of:

Rolok Fitness Center

Interview with Marianne Prim- Founder of Rolok Fitness Center

Marianne Prim, originally from Montreal, Canada is the founder of Rolok Fitness Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. To practice yoga at Rolok Fitness Center check out their schedule HERE. If you’re interested in hosting a retreat you can find out more HERE.