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This Month Features:

Amanda Kingsmith

Founder Of:

M.B.Om: Mastering the Business of Yoga

Interview with Amanda Kingsmith- Founder of M.B.Om


What type of yoga do you teach?

I usually teach vinyasa flow! I find that my teaching really reflects whatever I am working on in my personal practice, and that seems to be shifting constantly.


What are your three must have items while traveling?

Essential Oils, Yoga Mat, Eye Mask

Bonus: if you’re traveling to a developing country and tend to get sick easily, activated charcoal is a life saver!


What is something you learned on your first experience abroad that you think is key for other traveling teachers to know?

Trust that everything will work out! I used to plan meticulously and be very controlling about where I went, where I stayed and what I did. Travel has taught me to loosen up and to just trust that everything will work out.


How do you find your jobs abroad?

If you’re looking specifically for yoga jobs, Yoga Trade is a great resource. It has helped me make many connections around the world! I also find reaching out to my network of travelers and yoga teacher friends is super helpful.


Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

This is such a hard question! My top 3 are Bali, Japan, and Mexico City.


What should a first time traveling yogi know about the professional yoga life?

If you want to travel and teach yoga, a website is a must. If you want to find gigs before you leave, have a solid pitch about why you want to teach there, and make sure to include a resume. If you’re applying online, perhaps send over a little video of you teaching as well (like an online yoga teacher demo!). 

To learn more about an online yoga teacher demo, check out Amanda’s post:

4 Tips for Crushing Your Teaching Demo


What is Yoga Anywhere about?

Yoga Anywhere is my YouTube channel where I put out different videos each week from wherever I am in the world.

When I left for Asia in October 2016, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be for me to find teaching gigs since we were traveling quite a bit, so I decided that I would take my teaching online and allow my students to practice with me from anywhere.


What is it like traveling as a solo traveler VS. with your partner?

I think there are benefits to both traveling solo and traveling as a couple, and I really enjoy both.

When I’m traveling solo, I find it easier to meet people on my own and I find that my day-to-day tasks are a bit more challenging on my own vs. being with my partner, Ryan. Traveling solo has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, taught me to trust myself, and helped me to realize that I am totally fine on my own.

Most of my travels are with Ryan, and I love traveling with him. We’ve been traveling together since 2011, and we’ve traveled 6 continents and nearly 50 countries together. We’ve navigated so many challenging situations together, and I know that we can handle anything that life throws at us from these experiences.


You and your partner run a travel business together, what is it like working as a team?

Yes, we run The World Wanderers, which is a weekly podcast, blog, and private Facebook community on all things travel.

*You can check out their interview HERE.*

Working together has been an interesting adventure. Again, we’ve learned so much about ourselves and each other through the process of running The World Wanderers. Working well together comes down to good communication. We have regular meetings to talk about what’s going on with TWW, and we have delegated tasks that we each do so that neither of us is carrying more of the workload.

If you’re going to open a business with your partner, my biggest suggestion would be to make sure you communicate openly and set a regular time to meet so that your business doesn’t seep into your personal life.

Interview with Amanda Kingsmith- Founder of M.B.Om


Tell me about M.B.Om

M.B.Om stands for Mastering the Business of Yoga. It’s a podcast and online blog that bridges the gap between yoga and business. Each week, I have a different yoga teacher on the podcast to talk about how they have been successful in their career and what they’ve learned along the way.

As yoga teachers, it’s important to do what we do best – teaching yoga. But, we still need to have a business in order to make a sustainable living. Having a website, creating a brand, and marketing yourself on and offline doesn’t have to be so difficult, and this is exactly what I teach people through M.B.Om!


What meditation or mantra are you currently living by?

I will love and accept myself.

I believe that success starts from within. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love other people? If we don’t give to ourselves, how can we give to others? If we don’t accept ourselves, how can we accept others? If we don’t love and accept ourselves, how can we thrive in this crazy world?

Interview with Amanda Kingsmith- Founder of M.B.Om


What does your dream yoga position or career look like?

My dream yoga career is to be running retreats and trainings around the world. I also want to continue bridging the gap between yoga and business, and I would love for M.B.Om to be yoga teachers go-to yoga business resource.

Connect with Amanda Kingsmith

Founder Of:


Interview with Amanda Kingsmith- Founder of M.B.Om

Amanda, originally from Cochrane, Alberta in Canada has been traveling since she was 8 years old and teaching yoga since 2015. You can currently find her teaching on her YouTube channel where she offers 1-on-1 sessions via Skype. To connect with Amanda and a yoga business communtiy, check out her Facebook group: Yoga Business Badasses.