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This month features:

Alyssa Bryner

founder of:

Feed Your Flame

Interview with Alyssa Bryner, Founder of: Feed Your Flame


Tell me about Feed Your Flame

Feed Your Flame is about the importance of home based and plant based meals that are provided as healthy home cooked meals for people with busy work lives. Mainly, it is a health focused food delivery.

What made you start Feed Your Flame?

An Autoimmune disease that made me get into the importance of home cooked meals. My life lightened up and I was able to flip my disease and control it. It was also the knowledge of understanding what I’m putting in my body and being confident about it. Having the power to say: Hey! I cooked this!

Where did you find a need in this business where people need available healthy food?

I want to make this not a niche. I want to make this super affordable for people who are struggling like moms and children. Everyone deserves this and needs healthy plant based food. My hard work needs to go to people who really need it.

What about eating and cooking healthy food inspires you to change the world around you?

It’s so important and it’s sad. People are being overloaded with processed food. It’s empowering to be able to take over your body. When we take over our bodies, that’s when they start working for us rather than against us. Set yourself up for success!

What does Feed Your Flame offer?

Personalized meals with a consultation and holistic health coach for your food and/or career. Goal and intention setting and overall take control of what’s going on in your life and meal setting.

Is Feed Your Flame vegan and vegetarian?

Yes. It can be offered to both. Plant based and gluten free. I’m also exploring the option of offering organic meat and grass fed meat.

What change have you noticed in yourself and in your customers after eating healthy veggie/vegan food?

I have psoriasis and my skin cleared up. Psoriasis is when gluten and sugar inflame your skin. Eating vegetarian and vegan helps me have more energy. I feel lighter on my feet, my eyes are brighter and I feel confident.

Some changes in my customers included:

♦Saving time and money

♦Weight loss and muscle gained

What would you recommend to someone who is making the transition to vegetarian and/or a vegan lifestyle?

Do what works for your body. Having a full-on meatless day is a helpful start. Get together with your family and have an experimental cooking day. Make your time in the kitchen an experiment and experience. Food is enjoyable and food is fuel. Food should be a pleasure, but at the end of the day it’s important for it to be healthy.

Interview with Alyssa Bryner, Founder of: Feed Your Flame


Where do you see Feed Your Flame five years from now?

Transition more into holistic health coaching and offer more of the meal prepping/coaching. I would really like to make a client my personal mission. This would include discussion with clients about what they want, how they feel and make it a full on package.

Does Feed Your Flame have anything exciting coming up?

I just led a talk at Glow Wellness Festival in Woodstock. I spoke on Gut health and anti-inflammatory foods. How to reverse disease through food and have a healthy happy body.

What does your dream career look like?

I would like to control my own business and give food talks with health coaching. Be someone to refer to hire and speak about healthy eating as a motivational speaker.

What have you learned since starting your own business?

It’s tough, but also really fulfilling to be the person that people can talk to about taking care of yourself. People need that. Your body is worthy of being taken care of.  

Do you have any advice for foodie entrepreneurs who are starting their own business?

It’s a slow moving train and that’s okay. You learn. You don’t need five clients right away. Take your time. Be patient. It will happen. An overnight sensation takes 20 years to make.

Do you have any words of inspiration to share about following your dreams?

Trust yourself and don’t put so much weight into other people’s opinion of you. Trust your own judgement and don’t wait for permission. Take criticism with a grain of salt and move on.

Connect with Alyssa Bryner

Founder of:

Feed Your Flame

Interview with Alyssa Bryner, Founder of: Feed Your Flame

Alyssa, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a plant-based holistic health coach and at-home chef. You can find her currently cooking in Chicago, Illinois. To read more about Alyssa, check out her Website. If you are ready to get inspired and make a life change through healthy meals, you can contact Alyssa HERE.