Today we are going on an adventure deep into the jungles of Cambodia!

I recently had the opportunity to take a tour with NhumBai Cambodia where I learned about the Cambodian culture.


NhumBai Cambodia is an NGO that gives tours to the public with the proceeds going to the local village and school system. They have built toilets, fences, and more for the local people.


So when we take a tour with NhumBai Cambodia, WE are helping a good cause!


Let’s begin our journey in the rice fields!


Exploring the Rice Fields

Impacting the World with NhumBai Cambodia Tour Company!

This was one of my favorite moments with NhumBai Cambodia! We took our shoes off, jumped on a tractor and walked through the fields while planting rice. I learned about the different types of rice planted and how to plant them so they will grow properly.


The Delicious Vegetarian Cooking Class

Impacting the World with NhumBai Cambodia Tour Company!

I LOVED THIS! Not only was it beautifully set up with a jungle backdrop, but the meal was healthy and good for the body. They taught me how to cook two traditional Cambodian style dishes while educating me on Cambodian cuisine. Then joined me for a peaceful lunch after.


Weaving with Women

Impacting the World with NhumBai Cambodia Tour Company!

I love learning new skills from women and I love supporting women. On this tour, I got to spend a good hour learning from the local village women. They taught me how to weave mats and how to weave a bamboo roof. Without women, no one would have a roof over their head in the local villages. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that we need to hire more women. We need to believe in them more. We need to put our money where our women are so they can continue working and providing for their local villages.


Meeting the Locals

Impacting the World with NhumBai Cambodia Tour Company!

This made my heart SO happy! The best part about travel is learning the way the locals live. I got to tour a local’s home and ask questions about how they live. Then the following day we explored the main street where I learned about local jobs, try delicious breakfast foods, and visit a seamstress to learn about fashion in Cambodia.


A Bike Ride Sun Rise

Impacting the World with NhumBai Cambodia Tour Company!

I am by no means a morning person, but there is something so peaceful about waking up in the jungle before the sun rises. The animals are just waking up, the sky is just turning to a light blue, and everything is still nestled into the night. So we jumped onto our bikes until we got to the main road. Then we stopped and watched the sky glisten.

We need to do that more in life. We need to stop and watch the miracles around us. If we are constantly going, going, going then we aren’t enjoying the gift that is NOW.


NhumBai Cambodia was a beautiful and much needed jungle adventure. I loved NhumBai Cambodia, because they use their time and money to impact the world.

So if YOU ever find yourself in Cambodia, then you MUST take a tour with NhumBai Cambodia. Not only will you experience the real Cambodia, but YOU will impact the world by touring with them!

Impacting the World with NhumBai Cambodia Tour Company!

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