Every Saturday, I will be sharing adventures from travels past.

The next few weeks will be adventures from my study abroad experience in Hydra, Greece.

These are the stories of how I discovered my calling as a traveling yoga teacher and the magic that is Greece.

I hope you experience as much magic reading about my adventures as I did living them!

Goddess of Hydra


Day 4

Hydra, Greece

Today we had Greek dance lessons. We learned 15 different Greek dances including the Zorba. It was so much fun! The best part about Greek dancing is that the music gets faster and faster, so then you have to dance really fast to keep up with the music and you have to keep up with everyone else because you are all holding hands or shoulders. We danced for about 1.5 hours until it was too hot to dance anymore. Surprisingly we were all quite good at it! Yay team!

After dancing Fay, Lizzie, Camilla, Andrew and I walked to Hydra Town. It’s a 45 minute walk, but it is so beautiful, so it was worth the walk! It was our first time in town so we explored and shopped a lot. I got a kinder egg! We didn’t want to walk back, so we decided to take a water taxi. And of course there were no taxis except one with at least 20 children on it. So we jumped on and sat on the back of the boat! The back of the boat is the best, because there is nothing blocking the view and the water splashes you, plus our hair was blowing in the wind. It was spectacular! Water taxis are my favorite because I always got the best tour of the island that way. I discovered a cave that way and we all ended up swimming there on the last day. Oh how I miss that!

Day 5

Today we had our Greek Theatre history lesson. It’s funny. I learned more about Greek Theatre in those three hours than I did with two semesters at college. I just think Greeks are more passionate and they should be since it’s their history. After our lesson we all had a discussion that our teacher ended with: “Everyone is so worried about where we go when we die, but what I want to know is, where were we before we lived?” I thought about that for the entire day. Sometimes I wonder who I was in a past life. I tend to change the answer to that question every day. Now I really don’t understand why everyone worries about dying in general. Everyone dies. Accept it and live in the moment. I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Inside the Actors Studio and he said “All we have is up to a moment.” So I am choosing to live in that moment!

Day 6

The Day I Became a Yoga Teacher 


Goddess of Hydra


Today was my first day teaching yoga. I must say that teaching yoga is the most fulfilling feeling in the entire world. I plan to get my yoga certification next summer and I am so excited to do that! Just knowing that I helped others and warmed us up for our day brought joy to my heart! I hope that yoga brought some peace and happiness to each and every person in my cast.

Last night the girls and I crashed a Greek family’s party (by accident kind of). The Yiayia of the family grabbed our hands and brought us into the circle to dance with them! Oh my god I love Greek dancing! Greeks can dance and when they dance, they dance until the early hours of the morning!

I’ve done a lot of deep thinking and reflecting in Greece. All of this reflecting and learning has made me grow tremendously as an actress and as a 20 year old trying to figure out life. Part of the reason I wanted to come to Greece was to get a glimpse of where my father’s side of the family came from. I really just wanted to see if I could ever feel connected to that part of myself or understand them. Greece finally made me embrace my Greek culture and understand where I come from. I may not ever understand my father’s family and honestly I don’t want to. Greece gave me everything I could possibly want and know about my heritage and that was all I needed. One thing I love about Greeks is that they are VERY honest. I finally saw where I got that from! They just say it like it is and I LOVE it! And they yell a lot, but it’s not really yelling. It is more like very loud talking that can easily be mistaken for arguing if you are not from there. If they need to say something they get it off their chest and it’s done. I am all for that! Just say it and be done with it! No use in holding any frustration in. That is why everyone is so healthy in Greece. They don’t let things bubble up inside, they just say what’s on their mind and then it’s over. Everyone should do that!

There is something that I reflected on most while being in Greece. That is that I had no drive for happiness while I was there. I was just so content and I think being content is way better than happiness or wanting happiness. It is the strangest most at ease feeling I have ever experienced. I didn’t want anything. I could just watch the sun set, or the stars at night, or the water hit the shore, or deal with the hot weather and I would be just fine. I was at ease with life. There was no rush for anything and nothing to go after in life and I was totally okay with that. So my challenge for you is to find a couple hours out of your day to stop going after your happiness and just be. Let everything in your life go for those few moments. I wonder what you will find without even looking!

Goddess of Hydra

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