Hey there traveling yogis!

My name is Brytta.

I am a world traveling yoga instructor and I coach yoga teachers how to impact the world!  

What does that mean, to impact the world through yoga? Well, before we dive deep into that, let me tell you how I became a world traveling yoga instructor! 

My Journey!


♦My yoga teaching journey began on the Greek island Hydra. I fell in love with Greece, the islands, teaching yoga, and in little ways myself.

♦I returned home to New York City to complete my 200-hour teacher training at Yoga to the People and eventually made my way down to Aruba to complete my SUP Yoga and SUP Certifications at Island Yoga, Aruba.

♦Since becoming certified, I have traveled to 18 countries teaching yoga in all of them. 

♦My travels and teachings have brought me to places such as Boom Festival Portugal, FEOX Rescue Team in Greece, Rolok Fitness Center Cambodia and BaliRica Casitas Costa Rica

My Dreams!


I dream of impacting the world on and off my yoga mat!

♦My dream is to help yoga teachers become traveling yoga teachers while impacting the world along the way.

♦My dream is to launch a podcast where I invite the world into conversation by globally and consciously connecting our world together. (Launching June 1st!)

♦My dream is to open the Xanadu Yoga Hostel in my favorite country (shhh it’s still a secret!) where I will bring the world to my doorstops and to my yoga mat. My yoga hostel will be created from 100% recycled materials. It will be open to all walks of life. Every gender, color, culture, refugee, immigrant and financial background are welcome in my hostel to feel, move, breathe and stay. (Stay tuned in 1.5 years for some big announcements!)

Let’s circle back to that first question!

What does it mean to impact the world through yoga? Well this is what I do…


Listen. Act. Travel. Teach. Heal. Repeat. 

My mission is to impact the world by teaching my students that the world and their dreams are an endless possibility full of potential, manifestations, and light. And with the light that I help them create within themselves is how WE as a community will impact the world together! 

My purpose is to light up the world through breathing, teaching yoga, holding space, and taking action for communities in need. 

That is precisely and absolutely why I chose to become a world traveling yoga instructor who impacts the world on and off my yoga mat!

Fun Facts!

♦I have climbed 9 waterfalls and 2 volcanos

♦I have been a vegetarian since 2015, but also absolutely love black olive pizza

♦I went to acting school, auditioned for Broadway and sang in cabarets for five years in NYC 

♦I have 2 metal rods in my spine and lost all of my flexiblity. Then I found yoga and gained 80% of it back

♦SUP Yoga is the absolute love of my life and I plan to tour the world with it someday

This online community is for anyone who dreams of making an impact on the world through travel and yoga. If travel and yoga spark the magic in your heart, check out my weekly travel + yoga blog HERE which is full of global guides, interviews, delicious food and most importantly yoga! If you want to join the community, then sign up for The Xanadu Diary where you will receive a weekly email full of yoga + travel tips, inspiration and human connection. 

So welcome to my home and welcome to my dreams! I’m glad you’re here in Xanadu with me!


With all the light, love, & glitter,


Founder of Xanadu Yoga

P.S.- Check out a glimpse of what I teach HERE.


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