I am a traveling yoga teacher.


What does that even mean?


It means I travel the world and teach yoga while impacting communities along the way.


This past summer my traveling yoga mat brought me to Chios, Greece. In Chios I worked in refugee camps where I brought yoga to 100+ families in multiple languages.

A little backstory on the refugees:

Refugees are fleeing war torn countries destroyed by ISIS. They have no money, no food, no possessions, and some lost families or lost touch with loved ones. They live in tents with 12+ other people. No air conditioning, no water, and they’re fed two meals a day. They have seen the unspeakable. They have experienced violence on levels we cannot even comprehend. Yet they’re the most grateful and kind people I have ever met in my entire life. They’re my heroes and they should be yours too. You can read more about that adventure HERE.

 How Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher Can Impact a Community


How can a traveling yoga teacher impact a community?

Follow these steps: 

Ask yourself questions such as:

♦Why do I teach yoga?

♦Why did I choose to become a traveling yoga teacher?

♦What is my purpose as a light in this world?

How Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher Can Impact a Community


Pick a destination, cause, & community

For me personally, I LOVE helping those who are less fortunate. And instead of waiting for an opportunity, I create the opportunity. I knew I wanted to volunteer with refugees, so I put it out to the universe. I reached out to everyone in my life asking for connections. I ended up finding The FEOX Rescue Team on Facebook. I applied to volunteer as a yoga teacher and next thing I knew I was on a ferry on my way to the island!

How Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher Can Impact a Community


Raise funds for the community you want to impact

To help the refugees, my goal was to raise $1000 in one month. I ended up raising $1200. Raising funds is an AMAZING way to get your community back home excited and involved. They’re helping the world by helping you.


Once in your destination and community get involved

I spent two weeks in the camps and I knew I wanted to bring yoga to all the refugees, but how? I wanted Self Care to be the theme of what I could offer.

With that in mind, I created Self Healing Yoga and Meditation Packets in multiple languages. That way everyone could do yoga in their own language. With the donated funds, I made Hygiene Packs that included many products. I also provided yoga classes to a refugee community center in the city. That way the refugees had a way to take care of themselves mind, body, and soul.

How Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher Can Impact a Community


The Day You Make the Impact on Your Community

I invite you to meditate on this day. Thank the universe for all it has given you and meditate on the changes you’re about to make in a community you CARE about. Now go do what you were made to do. Be the change you want to BE in the world.

How Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher Can Impact a Community

If you want to learn MORE about impacting the world through yoga, check out my online course:

Yogis Exist.

Yogis Persist.

Yogis Impact!

See you on the traveling yoga mat! 

How Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher Can Impact a Community




Brytta is a traveling yogi and lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she’s not adventuring around the world and practicing yoga, you can find her in Chicago finishing her degree and probably eating vegetarian pizza. And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars.