Wherever I’m at in the world, I feel that it is important to my growing and learning as a traveling yoga teacher to surround myself with a supportive network. So when I book a trip, the first thing I do is reach out to my contacts to see who is in that place. Once arrived to my destination, I look for work and my travel tribe. I think about housing, safety, yoga studios and the best place to get a vegetarian bite to eat! I can successfully accomplish all of these tasks through having a network abroad!

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers


Contact and Connect:

Send an email newsletter (sign up for mine HERE) to your community telling them of your travels and then invite them on your adventure. If they’re in your neck of the woods then they will reach out! Plus meeting your online community face to face is an awesome feeling and journey in itself. Other great ways to connect are posting your travel itinerary on your website and social media.

I just went to yoga with a new friend the other day, because we have mutual friends in our yoga niche. We were connected via email and then in person. Now I have a new yoga buddy in Chicago! So reach out, reach out, reach out and connect!

Finding Work Abroad:

Probably the most difficult task of travel if new to the traveling yogi life. Never fear, your network abroad is here! There are some awesome work opportunities abroad, you just have to ASK for them and TALK to everyone you meet. If you want to teach in a hostel, then make a fantastic CV and ASK for that work opportunity.

I met a group of friends in Ireland once and told them of my performing arts background. The next day they hired me to be in their music video. The music video ended up getting nominated for a Grammy.

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers

It really is that simple. Ask, believe, haul a$$, receive. That’s how I see life and that’s how getting work for myself has ALWAYS worked out.

There are also work exchange (work in exchange for housing/meals) opportunities such as Workaway, HippoHelp, and HelpX. You make a profile, add pictures, a bio and APPLY to work ANYWHERE in the world. I did a work exchange for a summer in Costa Rica. I taught yoga and learned how to run an alternative jungle hotel. I made a small income from my classes plus housing and meals were included. Not a bad deal if you ask me! I really do believe in making an income from doing what you LOVE. So if you have a specific niche that could sell, then SELL it. Just do it with love and gratitude, that way it all goes back to the universe. That’s how Costa Rica worked out and that’s how your adventure can work out too!

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers


Your Travel Tribe:

These are YOUR people aka your tribe. You can meet them through your accommodation, in a yoga class, your social media platform, etc.

They may include:

Your Online Community:

These are the traveling yogis in YOUR specific network. The ones you write your newsletter to, the ones you follow on social media, and your online coaches. The whole reason Xanadu Yoga exists is because of my online community, so reach out to your people. They are your community all around the world!


Do you have a favorite family member to travel with? Mine happens to be my cousin Aliya. We grew up together and travel together often. We’ve been all over the globe together (Boston, Chicago, NYC, Panama City) and make sure to do this at least once a year now. Family is life, so adventure with them too!

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers


Yoga Buds:

Think about traveling with a yoga friend for a yoga retreat! My friend Maggie and I met at our Island Yoga SUP TT earlier this year. Since then we stayed connected through social media and met up for a week of yoga in Aruba last month!

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers



This is a key factor to having a network abroad. I’ve never been put in an unsafe situation while traveling, but there are those who have. Knowing someone who you can walk home with after dark or having a group of friends to attend a party or event with is a WONDERFUL advantage to having a travel network.

Yoga Studios Abroad:

Practicing at a studio somewhere else in the world is the BEST part of having a network abroad and the BEST part of travel. Part of my job is practicing at studios around the world, so I make it a priority to meet the owners and teachers of these studios. I also do my best to STAY IN TOUCH with ALL of them. These are the teachers who will INSPIRE you to be a better teacher and student. They’re part of your tribe! Looking to practice abroad? Check out these Five Fabulous Yoga Studios.

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers


Food Network (No not the TV channel):

Did you know that there are travelers who travel the world solely for trying new and delicious food? 

I am a dedicated vegetarian foodie. I will eat falafel and dragonfruit anytime of day or night. So when I traveled to Paris for Christmas last year, I ate falafel. I am THAT traveler and actually have a food network in my community. I follow vegetarian travelers and go to their food venues while abroad. Food is life. Don’t miss out!

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers


Let’s recap!  

The best part about having a network abroad is the people you meet. They are not only your professional network, but they are your tribe while abroad. These are the people you will meet in your yoga class in the middle of the jungle. They are the ones who you’ll sit in a smoothie bar with while brainstorming business ideas. Most importantly, they are the travel friends who you will go on adventures with. These people are your TRIBE. Be open to being challenged by their life viewpoints and be open to new adventures with them. And don’t forget to cherish all the moments you have together. THIS is how you will grow as a person, teacher, and traveler.

Why Having a Network Abroad is Essential For Travelers


If having a travel network is something YOU want in your life, then I can be of help! I currently teach an online travel course called:

Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad.

This is a 1X1 coaching for anyone wanting to adventure and network abroad, but not exactly sure HOW (affordability, finding that yoga job, housing, networking, travel planning, etc.) to do it. I teach you everything you NEED to know about achieving your travel dreams + a FREE Skype yoga class included! So send me an EMAIL and we’ll make your dream adventure happen! I can’t wait to hear from you!




Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new books to read, her current favorite reads are:You are a Badass, Polishing the Mirror and Yoga Girl