If there is one question I am often asked as a traveling yogi, it is:

“What travel apps do you use while traveling?”


My answer to this is:

Not as many as you think.


To fully answer your question, I made a list of my five favorite travel apps so you can start using them too! I hope they get you where you need to go and help you stay grounded on your journey! Enjoy!

1. Insight Timer- By far my favorite app while abroad and home. Insight Timer is a meditation app that I use everyday! There are 1000+ FREE meditations with many themes to keep a focus while meditating. You can do solo or group meditations on this app. You do need WiFi to use this app, but as soon as you’re plugged in you will soon be unplugged and relaxed. Go try it out HERE.

Five Travel Apps For the Traveling Yogi

2. Whatsapp-This app is a lifesaver. Whatsapp is a FREE texting and FREE calling app. This is how I stay in touch with all my friends I meet while traveling. Plus there’s no data fees involved. So download Whatsapp and call a dear friend. It will make you SO happy! And stay tuned on blogpost on how Whatsapp is changing the world!   

3. Airbnb- We all go through it once while abroad. Our housing falling through. Thankfully Airbnb pulls through EVERY TIME! Airbnb is an app to find local housing in the city or country you’re staying at an AFFORDABLE rate. I once stayed on top of a mountain in Greece with the most AMAZING view of the sea and mountains. The host was lovely and even gave me local Greek island fruit. It was great! So if you’re ready for a local, gorgeous, and affordable housing experience go try Airbnb for free HERE.

Five Travel Apps For the Traveling Yogi

4. Maps.me- A wonderful tool that can help you get ANYWHERE for FREE. Maps.Me is an offline map app that is great for people like me who find directions difficult to follow. This app will get you where you need to go in a timely manner.

5. Moon-This is a moon cycle app. Everyday Moon shows you which moon cycle we are in. As my friend Nina says “It helps me stay in alignment with the universe.” This is an (free) app to help you stay grounded and to know that we are simply stardust in this great big world of ours.

Five Travel Apps For the Traveling Yogi

So take a moment and add one or more of these apps to your phone. Then share this post with a friend. It’s always nice to stay grounded with those around you! Happy Traveling Yogis! 





Brytta is a traveling yogi who loves glitter, climbing waterfalls and SUP Yoga. When she’s not adventuring around the world and practicing yoga, you can find her in Chicago finishing her degree and probably eating vegetarian pizza. And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars.