Chicago! No not the musical (although I kinda wish), the AMAZING city!

I took a quick two day trip to Chicago and had the time of my life!

So what does one do if only in Chicago for two days?

Pack a week’s worth of adventures into two days of course!

My Top Picks for the Traveling Yogi:

CorePower Yoga

This yoga studio changed my life. It was everything I needed for my trip. A spacious hot room with windows that lookout into Chicago plus a fantastic playlist to keep us moving! What really resonated with me is that the teacher based the class around Ahimsa or Non-harming. Non-harming to others and most importantly, non-harming to ourselves. This yoga has always been about self love and then bringing that yoga up off of our mats and into the world where the yoga is needed. Walking up into the studio, there is a lovely boutique that sells yoga products and a mala that finally seemed right to be mine. Did I mention that if it’s your first time at the studio, your first week of yoga is FREE? I know! Free yoga?! Is this real life? I am here to tell you that YES it is and even if it wasn’t, you still need to practice here. The light I felt in my heart at that studio woke something in me. So go practice at CorePower Yoga so you too can feel that light!

Giordano’s Pizza

The deep dish vegetable stuffed pizza to be specific. I don’t care what kind of yogi you are, because all yogis love pizza whether we admit it or not. This pizza is life itself! Plus it has a healthy spin on it since it’s full of veggies! I suggest going to hot yoga then hitting up this pizza. You won’t regret either choices, I promise! Also get a small and share it with a friend, because that deep dish pizza is no joke! Plus sharing is caring, even with pizza!

The Revival Food Hall

Let’s talk about this gorgeous food hall. There are 10+ food venues and more than half offer vegetarian selections! I recommend eating the Vegetable Ramen at Furious Spoon. The Revival Food Hall is perfect for a rainy day as it’s completely inside and lit up with beautiful bubble lights across the ceilings! I loved it! And if you want to be a real tourist, you can grab lunch here and then head to the Willis Tower a few blocks up to see the Windy City from a whole new view!

Take a stroll through the lovely Hyde Park area

Explore the UC campus, get a freshly baked baguette at the local Hyde Park Produce Market, shop at the boutiques on E. 53rd Street and don’t forget to stop and smell the lilacs at the park on the way there!

Other Fantastic Places:

The Second City Theater

You guys! The creativity and spontaneity that takes place on this stage and the actors that make these incredible shows what they are. You HAVE to see a show at Second City. You really have to. Improv is where it’s at especially when fun on the stage turns into awareness about real life about what’s happening in our country. Not to mention Second City is where Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert first performed before making it big in NYC. Okay. My inner theater child is starting to come out, but when you need a laugh Second City is the place to be!  

The Tribune Tower

For my traveling historians! This tower has pieces of stone built into it from famous buildings and monuments from all over the world! Places such as Notre-Dame de Paris and The Ancient Temple, Honan of Province, China.

The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery

I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan. So going to this gallery made my day! You can even take a picture underneath the Cat in the Hat’s hat! You should check this gallery out because it’s full of Seuss’ stories, but this time instead of rhymes, they’re colorful, mysterious paintings.

Navy Pier

A great place to see the skyline of Chicago while enjoying a leisurely stroll along the lake!  

♦The site (which is a rock) where Barack and Michelle Obama had their first kiss after going on their first date to Baskin-Robbins. Adorable! I know!

I don’t know what it is about Chicago, but somewhere along my journey this city had my heart soaring with light. It may have been the chilly weather, the smell of lilacs around every corner, the diversity and culture Chicago is full of, or maybe it was the yoga. This practice changed my life and continuously does every day. So wherever you’re at in the world, I invite you to unroll your mat and breathe. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself on a traveling mat like mine and end up in the Windy City.

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That’s it my loves, but really give Greece a read, it won’t disappoint! Xx




Brytta is a traveling yogi and lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she’s not adventuring around the world and practicing yoga, you can find her in Chicago finishing her degree and probably eating vegetarian pizza. And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars.