Scotland is a country that fills my soul endlessly! From the cocky attitudes, stunning mountains, to a pint of crisp cider- this country will wake you up to the magical, mystical and absolutely mysterious!

So jump on your traveling yoga mats and join me for:

The Xanadu Yoga Five Day Adventure Guide to Scotland!  


Day 1.

Start your adventure in the mysterious Edinburgh. Book your stay in a castle at Budget Backpackers. After getting all settled in, let’s head to the Greyfriars Cemetery. I know creepy right, but if you’re a Harry Potter fan you will LOVE this! Go to the back of the graveyard and you will find grave names of all the Harry Potter character names that J.K. Rowling herself got inspiration for her famous books. If you look past the gate you will find a school that has four towers with four houses with colors that are crazy similar to the Hogwarts houses. Now, let’s grab a quick veggie lunch at The Elephant House with a castle view and yes this is the place where all the Harry Potter books were written! You’re welcome! For the afternoon I suggest taking a Free Walking Tour where you will learn all about the creepy history of Edinburgh including the famously real story of Jekyll and Hyde. Then end your day with a pint of sweet cider at any of the pubs as they are ALL great!

The Xanadu Yoga Five Day Adventure Guide to Scotland



Day 2.

Wake up bright and early to watch the sunrise over the castle like architecture! Make your way down the Royal Mile to Arthur’s Seat. It’s mountain climbing time! When you get to the top, make sure to check out the view on BOTH sides. After your morning hike, treat yourself to a healthy brunch from the Farmer’s Market and spend your afternoon exploring the royal mile, checking out the unicorns, and ending your day with a lovely evening stroll through the park.


The Xanadu Yoga Five Day Adventure Guide to Scotland



Day 3.

Book your train tickets! We are going to Glasgow!

Glasgow is where it’s at for the younger crowd!

Book your stay at Euro Hostel Glasgow. It’s time to explore the Glasgow Green! This park is full of luscious green, beautiful trees to lay under, and the largest Terracotta fountain in the world! After your nature reboot, let’s go art gallery hopping! These galleries are full of WEIRD art. Some exhibits are made from children, other’s focus on world tragedies, and then there are galleries full of colorful masterpieces. I suggest exploring all of them as art is a fantastic way to learn about the world!

The Xanadu Yoga Five Day Adventure Guide to Scotland



Days 4 & 5

The mountains are calling our name and so is Nessie!

If you have a car then drive through the Highlands, camp out for the night and wake up to the glorious reflections of the mountains onto the lochs. If you don’t have a car, no worries! You can book a day tour of the mountains and lochs in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Spend a day hiking the mountains and a day exploring the Lochs. Regardless, make sure you get a chance to go on Loch Ness! It is magical, mysterious, and the only loch that doesn’t freeze over in Winter! Like I said, Scotland is full of mystery!

The Xanadu Yoga Five Day Adventure Guide to Scotland

Thank you for joining me on this exciting 5 Day Adventure through Scotland!

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I LOVE helping travelers plan fun adventures throughout the world!

The Xanadu Yoga Five Day Adventure Guide to Scotland





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