I am on a holistic kick in my life. I recently went vegan, I’m exploring natural remedies to cure simple illnesses, and am finding activities that can help maintain our mental health. I also just happened to move to New Orleans!

I know what you’re thinking. New Orleans is a party city. But what if we made it a holistic party?

This city is FULL of healers, holistic living, and fun venues that have everything to do with taking care of YOU!

So let’s dive deep into the Big Easy and go on a holistic adventure together!



Balance Yoga Wellness

My FAVORITE yoga studio in NOLA. I recommend this studio, because the instructors give you time to play in class. I personally love a studio that let’s their students explore, dive deep, and still leave time during class to learn about the anatomy. The studio is located in Mid-City which is ten minutes from the Quarter. So when you need a break from the crazy quarter and a moment for calm and play, pull your mat out at Balance Yoga Wellness.

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!



My most favorite vegetarian Pho in the world! Legit. I know, because I’m a world traveler. MoPho is a Southeast Asian restaurant in Mid-City. Some of my favs include the Crispy Brussel Sprouts and Spicy Sesame Cucumbers. Those are just the appetizers though. The Pho at MoPho has a flavor blast that will knock your tastebuds right out of the restaurant! And if you’re in New Orleans, you may just find me having lunch here!

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!


 Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge

Only in New Orleans will you find a CLASSY bar that is a carousel. At this hotel bar, each seat is painted like a carousel animal and the top of the bar is the carousel umbrella (and it lights up). So grab a drink, take a seat, and go for a very slow spin. Unless the boos catch up on you. Regardless, The Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge is a MUST in New Orleans.

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!


Oak Street

A street in New Orleans that is not Bourbon street, but where YOU can still go for a great time! There are yoga studios such as Yes, Yoga and Transform NOLA. It also has two of my favorite food and drink venues in the city!  Right on the corner of Oak and Carrollton is the transformed bank into coffee shop, Rue de la Course. If you keep walking down, you will find Live Oak Cafe. They have the most delicious and healthy brunch with a side of jazz music. If you’re a night owl, then check out the bar, Oak. They have a wine selection that stretches from Europe all the way to New Zealand. Plus it’s located in a part of town that is perfect for an evening stroll (wine included)!  

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!


Audubon Park

Everyone will tell you to go to City Park (which is also great), BUT Audubon has the magical sunsets, an easily accessible running course, and it’s in the heart of Uptown! I recommend jogging the park around 6pm, then by the time you’re done you can experience that magical sunset that is absolutely worth the jog!

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!


The Ashley Longshore Gallery

The gallery of glitter and no fucks given. Not one. As you can see, this gallery is FULL of glitter, outspoken art, gorgeous Frida Kahlo and Wonder Woman portraits and chairs you can swing on. So it’s glitter and fun with a feminist twist! All the things you need in a New Orleans art gallery.

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!




The BEST vegan restaurant in the Garden District or in ALL of New Orleans. This restaurant has a modern, but super chill vibe to it. I recommend getting the house made dips or the Seed Club Sandwich! The food is prime so you can’t go wrong when trying new things!


New Orleans Boulder Lounge

A fun way to workout in the city! I LOVE climbing here, because I get an upper and lower body workout at once! Plus, I’m pretty sure they are the only boulder lounge in the city and right next to Seed. So it’s the perfect treat yo’self date!

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!



The streetcar! One of my favorite “only in New Orleans” pastimes is to journal, read a book, or meditate while riding the streetcar late into the evening. The streets and trees are decorated with glowing lights while jazz music plays somewhere in the city background with the Louisiana wind blowing through my hair.

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!


That is my New Orleans and when you visit these adventures can be yours too!

Let’s recap! New Orleans can be a healthy city adventure to dive deep within the mind, body, and soul! There are local yoga studios, healthy and authentic eats, magical bars and secret holistic venues only a local would know! They may not be your typical holistic adventures, but when a place, food, or experience speaks to your soul then that is healing to your body!

The Traveling Yogi's Holistic Guide to New Orleans!

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Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new books to read, her current favorite reads are:You are a Badass, Polishing the Mirror and Yoga Girl