I don’t know where to begin except to tell you that Bali is full of the mystic and magic we read of in Fairytales.

Not the ones where the princess needs saved by the prince. It’s 2018. We save ourselves now.

These fairytales are the ones that take place on mountain tops, where the butterflies and Mother Earth live in harmony dancing in the fields, and where the humans meditate late at night meeting the yoga gods under the moon, and trekking to the tops of volcanoes to experience the heavens.

This is Bali.

The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty

And this is your guide to a Balinese adventure- yoga style!


The Yoga

Radiantly Alive

We all know the famous yoga studio in Bali, but have you practiced at Radiantly Alive? 

Radiantly Alive is a studio in Ubud that changed my perspective on the practice a bit. I felt more present every time I opened my eyes from Savasana. The yogic backgrounds the teachers bring to the mat are eye opening and helped me dive deeper into the present moment. My favorite class at Radiantly Alive was Slow Flow with Mark Das. If you’re ever in Ubud, definitely check out his classes!

The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty


Dragonfly Spa

(The Super Secret Special Place)

This was a spiritual experience for me that a year ago I wouldn’t have been ready for, but in Bali it was time.  Dragonfly is a spa up on the mountains of Ubud that hosts a silent night on Thursday’s. The silent night is 100.000IDR ($7 USD) which includes:

~An organic scrub of your choice (I chose lavender and oatmeal)

~Steam room

~Outdoor swimming pool under the stars

~A bonfire


~Complete silence

~Organic and Vegan Food (Additional Cost)

The catch: You share this experience with strangers. And if these “strangers” found this same spa on top of a mountain in Bali and made the trek there, then these people are YOUR people. You found your tribe.


The Yoga Gods & Offerings

There are yoga god shrines throughout Bali! Perched at a guesthouse welcoming us, sitting in the middle of markets calming the chaos, or simply holding the space that is Bali.The offerings to the gods are found on the streets and outside of doorways. There are three offerings a day symbolizing Heaven, Earth, and Hell. My host explained to me that the first one symbolizing gratitude for the Gods, the second one symbolizing gratitude for the day and meals eaten, and the third to keep you safe from evil spirits lurking around at night. 

The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty


The Food!

Each restaurant could have the same Indonesian dishes, but be cooked and presented in an entirely different style.

Clear Cafe

All the yogis will love this cafe! You take your shoes off outside then walk inside to a waterfall pond full of fish, gorgeous scented flower offerings, and enjoy the meal while sitting on pillows on the floor. It’s a magical nook of Ubud that is a MUST.

The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty

Earth Cafe & Market


This is the grocery FULL of organic products, Angel cards, and all things good for the body!

Cafe Ngsa

Get a juice while sitting on pillows under a wooden roofed cafe while watching butterflies swoop in and out of the sunlit rice fields. This was a moment of enlightenment and pure bliss for me. This entire experience dropped my breath into the present and overwhelmed me that THIS is the life we all could live.

Bali Buda

The perfect after yoga restaurant for a healthy dinner or snack! The food is so fresh that it still makes me hungry just thinking about this place. The vibe this restaurant displays is the perfect after yoga glow we all radiate after a sweaty flow!

The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty


The Adventure!

Hiking Mt. Batur

I’m an adventure junkie so I HIGHLY recommend hiking this awesome volcano to see the sunrise over Bali. This hike is NOT EASY by any means. It was the MOST PHYSICALLY STRAINING adventure I’ve ever been on and I honestly didn’t know if I would make it to the top. I did though and you can too!

The two things that kept me going:

~My Ujjayi Breath

~Engaging my core

So put on those hiking boots, breathe deep, and get yourself ready for the amazing realization that is your body is a wonderland and strong enough to hike a volcano!

The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty

Let’s recap!

Bali is full of the mystic and magic! Yoga studios such as Radiantly Alive can encourage your breath to dive deep into the present. Dragonfly can take you on a spiritual journey with complete strangers that are more of your tribe than expected. The food will nourish your body just as much as the views nourish your soul. Hiking a volcano may challenge you in unexpected ways, but watching the sunrise will make it all worthwhile.  

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The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Bali Sty





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