1. There are three activities I love most in life:



Eating Vegetarian Food.

Luckily I get to do all three of these on a regular basis. Today, however, I am writing about one of them.

Eating delicious vegetarian food.

Broccoli Rabe Hummus Sandwich w/ Salad from Farm to Table Restaurant: Monument Lane, NYC.

Rule #1 with eating delicious vegetarian food:

Choose to LOVE your body through your foodie journey and make healthy choices for your body out of LOVE FOR THYSELF.  

My vegetarian lifestyle began while on my first backpacking trip through Europe. I was never one to eat meat in general, so when I learned how to cook healthy vegan and vegetarian meals at a Yoga Ashram in Wales, I was hooked on the healthy lifestyle. Now when traveling, I make it a priority to try new veggie food everywhere I go! Sometimes this means letting myself splurge healthy wise if it’s a famous dish that one can only get in a certain location in the world or having an open mind which you NEED when eating delicious vegetarian food.

This week’s blog post features food I tried and LOVED across the USA.

So let’s get eating!

♦I visited Chicago for the first time this week and wanted to try the famous deep dish pizza. Pizza isn’t always the healthiest option, but I made it a healthy choice by ordering the vegetarian stuffed deep dish pizza from Giordano’s. The entire pizza was stuffed with vegetables rather than cheese and grease. This pizza was amazingly delicious and changed my life. I take my pizza game seriously and Giordano’s did not disappoint!

♦The Vegan Lunch Entree at Shangri-La Vegan in San Francisco, CA. This includes a split pea soup appetizer and mixed vegetable entree w/ rice, salad, and white beans marinated in a brown sauce. For my first vegan meal stop after a LONG California Road Trip, it was exactly what my body needed. If you visit Shangri-La Vegan, I highly suggest splitting the entree as it’s a big serving and very filling. The vibe of this place is what I enjoyed most! Think quietly zen with an Asian twist while relaxing in the crisp California air.

Cauliflower Buffalo Bites at Public School on Tap in Las Vegas, NV. If you have not dined at Public School on Tap then you’re seriously missing out in the vegetarian category. I LOVED this restaurant not only for the delicious food, but for the school theme. The menus are notebooks and the entire restaurant is designed like you’re back in grade school. This restaurant is award winning for their food, so go experience this awesomeness!

♦The Vegan Chili at Meals From the Heart Café at the French Market in New Orleans, LA. I also recommend the Crab Cakes with Poached Eggs for my Pescetarian foodies and the Carrot Juice if you’re juice obsessed like myself. I have now eaten at this stand in Nola the past two years for my birthday and have loved my experiences thus far! Meals From the Heart Cafe is not your typical “restaurant” experience as it’s in the middle of the French Market, but that’s what makes it even more authentic and enjoyable. You eat the food in an outdoor market and the food is farm to table so everything (experience included) is fresh!

♦Life changing Avocado Vegan Tacos at Doce Taqueria in Pittsburgh, PA. I have HIGH taco standards especially as a vegetarian and Doce hit those expectations greatly. So about these vegetarian tacos,have the choice of flour or corn tortillas. I suggest the flour tortilla for the vegan taco. If you want to dive really deep, get the sprinkle cheese on top! You and your belly will leave smiling!

Avocado Toast at Dinette in Los Angeles, CA. One piece of toast is all you will need at this hip outdoor restaurant. That’s right, you get the luxury of enjoying downtown LA while munching on avocado toast! Avocados are life and so is LA, so this is a MUST for any avocado lover out there!

Vegan Pad Thai at Tai Thai in New York City. Thai food is forever my jam! My friend and I actually found this restaurant by accident on a rainy day and thank the goddess above we did! The food is SO good and the way they display it is beautiful! Did I mention they have MANY vegetarian options on their menu, plus it’s in the coziest corner of the East Village. Like I said, it’s perfect for a rainy day or lunch date with friends!

I read on Doyouyoga.com that:

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, NOT a punishment for what you ate. “

So in this vegetarian foodie journey, I invite you to LOVE yourself every step of the way and remember Let Food Be Thy Medicine Not Thy Enemy as my friend Diana Alberti, Co-Founder of Embrace Love Nurture says.

If you found this post to be awesome, educational, or hungry then please give it a share! Sharing meals or meal ideas while traveling is one of the best ways to meet new people and cultures so share the love and most importantly, LOVE THYSELF.




Brytta is a traveling yogi and lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she’s not adventuring around the world and practicing yoga, you can find her in Chicago finishing her degree and probably eating vegetarian pizza. And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars.