“Dear old world,’

She murmured

‘You are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you. “

-L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


I remember watching the Anne of Green Gables movies with my grandma when I was a little girl. I loved Anne! I thought she was this genuine, loving, and imaginative creature whom I dreamed to be like. Well that dream just came true! I bought a ticket to Prince Edward Island and arrived in the tiniest 9 seat airplane right onto the island!

My goal for for this trip was to research the way of life this little island serves in the world. My second goal was to fully surrender.

Well let me just say that Prince Edward Island met all of my dreams and more!

PEI is an island that has accepted 70,000 Syrian refugees. It is an island that cares for the planet. It is an island that cares about ALL of its wildlife. The ocean life too! The cruise ships must slow down to 10mph upon arrival so no whales are hit in the harbor. It is a kind-loving community full of souls from all over the world. It is a community for Entrepreneurs. It is an island that holds the largest country music festival in North America. It is the island that was home to late and famous author L.M. Montgomery and the home of Anne of Green Gables. It is an island full of kindred spirits.

So hop on your traveling yoga mat and join me in Prince Edward Island!

Seven days. Seven magical places.


Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide!


Take The Island Adventure Tours

This was my favorite adventure on PEI! Bill (founder) picked me up at my door and showed me the ENTIRE island. We started in downtown Charlottetown. I told him I’m a traveling yoga teacher, so he drove me to the local studio and got me a FREE yoga class. Obviously, Bill is awesome. He showed me the church where the bells did not ring for 50 years, that is until the 150th anniversary when they were restored for the whole island to listen to. We then made our way over to the Province House where the royals stay when in town. The estate is full of gorgeous gardens and paths to explore during high season. He showed me ALL the beaches which are gorgeously full of nature. We even saw beautiful fox roaming through the National Park. He took me to all the fisheries, the first rotating house in the world, the white and red sand beaches and to Orby’s head. Which is a cliff that looks over and out onto the ocean. I then asked him “Well who’s Orby?” He laughed and said, “You know, in all my years of giving tours, you’re the first person to ask me that.” My favorite part of the tour was later in the day though. I arrived to my yoga class later in the day and there was a big package left for me at the studio. Bill created an entire package full of information on the island, because he knew I was interested in island life of PEI. Then he drove all the way to the yoga studio to drop it off, because he knew I would be there for the 6pm. That filled my heart nose to toes! So if you’re ever in PEI, look up Take The Island Adventure Tours and ask for Bill. He will create a tour experience you will never forget!

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


Moksha Yoga

I LOVE Moksha Yoga! If you’re lucky, you may just get your first class free! Moksha Yoga was exactly what I needed on my trip. I took a hot vinyasa class and it was everything. The playlist was perfection as I didn’t know a single song on it. The class had options and modifications. And most importantly, it was easy going. The lights were dimmed, so all I could see was myself in the mirror practicing what I love most. And if you’re not a fan of the cold like myself, then this 60 minute break in the hot room will do you wonders!

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


Victoria Park Boardwalk

Okay I lied. Victoria Park was the BEST part of my trip! It’s a three minute walk from downtown Charlottetown and a wonderful nature escape. It’s a 1.5 mile walk total, but the endgame is a sunset over the lighthouse. That means this boardwalk is absolute magic! I took my early morning walks here, my middle of the day strolls, and late at night stargazing adventures! I loved every second of truly BEING at this park. It filled my soul in ways I still don’t have words to describe.The view across the water, the lighthouse, the frigid air that made me feel alive, and the stars! There were so many stars to wish upon and wonder about. I loved everything about Victoria Park!

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


Anne of Green Gables

If you grew up watching the films and reading the books, then going to the Anne of Green Gables house is a MUST. It was low season when I arrived, so Green Gables was closed. However, I had a contact. Because one does not travel all the way to Prince Edward Island without going to Green Gables! The grounds were lovely and still, for no one had walked upon them in the recent days due to snow. The air was cool and the house was everything I imagined as a little girl. It was like being Anne at that house. Naming the trees, smiling about all the little things I came across on the grounds, and truly appreciating life for what it is or what it could be!

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


Cavendish Beach

The red sand beach! Need I say more? I remember my hands almost freezing as I scraped the sand to put some in a jar. There was snow on the ground, so the sand was frozen. But Bill gave me a tiny jar to collect my red sand. So I was getting my red sand to take home with me! The beaches of PEI remind me of Cape Cod, except they’re vast with nature, wildlife, and a true calmness to life. The entire time on this beach felt like a long exhale fulfilled with a restoring inhale.

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


Timothy’s Cafe Charlottetown

I’m not a coffee drinker, but this coffee shop has organic tea, vegan food, and a lovely book selection! The vibe this coffee shop radiates is perfect for staying warm and cozying up with a good book for the day!

The Confederation Centre of the Arts- Art Gallery

Everyone I met on PEI told me I must go to the art gallery and experience the art. I enjoy looking at art, but in all my days of travel I have never “experienced” art. That is until I visited the art gallery in PEI. There was a painting titled “You Are Loved” by Andrea Mortson. It was a painting of a couple exploring life in the forest with fairy lights shining all around. I sat in the gallery that day and cried. I kinda laugh about it now, but I think it was because that was my last day on Prince Edward Island. All the beauty from that week had caught up to me in this one moment and I felt everything all at once. It was beautiful. The painting. That moment. I think the purpose of art (creative, performance, visual, movement) is to wake us up to real life. Andrea Mortson’s painting did just that.

 Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide


Heather Lilleston wrote:

“I have been to some of the most beautiful places on the planet: breathtaking and hidden and dripping with culture and flavor and scented air and beauty. And in those places, more than many others, I have witnessed people’s hearts breaking. But the funny thing is that they break open because of the beauty. They break open because they’re doing a lot of yoga and meditation and actually have time to let it sink in. Their hearts break because there are the biggest flowers, and brightest stars. They break open because they hear the waves crashing all night. They break open because for the first time they slow down and feel. They break open because we are yearning to have our hearts broken. To feel something real. And when our hearts break, we can see each other in this totally real way. Our perception shifts. We are available to the world. And the world becomes this real thing to experience.”

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide

I challenge you all to let your hearts break open with beauty this year. Go to that place you manifest in your dreams and take your yoga mat with you! This world is too beautiful to not experience every inch of it!

Prince Edward Island- An Off Season Adventure Guide

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