Panama City is a magical city full of colors and culture! I had the opportunity to visit this city for an entire week, but I’m going to tell you about my top 3 adventures you can experience in ONE day!


Panama Ruins

The Panama Ruins are the most magical place in Panama! Think worn down castles from an ancient fairytale with secret places to explore all around! Although the weather is HOT, climbing the tower will keep you in the shade while you experience the city views!   

My Top 3 Day Adventures in Panama City!



Baha’i Temple

There are only six Baha’i Temples in the world and I have meditated in TWO of them! The Bahai Temple in Panama City is located right outside the city on top of a hill that overlooks the Panama City skyline. Visiting this sacred space and finding a moment of peace is the perfect morning adventure with a picnic to follow to make it a day!

My Top 3 Day Adventures in Panama City!



Casco Viejo

Take a bike ride through Casco Viejo (Old Panama City) to truly experience the Panamanian culture and get a workout in! From the mile long street market to the boardwalk art market, Casco Viejo has got you covered in culture! Not to mention the delicious exotic fruit stands and yucca around every corner! After your market adventures, end the day with a bike ride across the boardwalk to see the city skyline. Bonus points if you do it at night to truly see the city light up!

My Top 3 Day Adventures in Panama City!


Let’s recap!

Panama City is full of culture! It is the perfect city to explore and adventure if you only have a day on your itinerary! From exploring the ancient Panama Ruins to finding a moment of peace in the Baha’i Temple to getting your workout in while eating exotic food, this city has you covered nose to toes in adventures!

My Top 3 Day Adventures in Panama City!

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