Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

The four seasons the world lives by.

Mardi Gras, Crawfish, Sno Ball, Football.

The four seasons New Orleans lives by.

I was lucky enough to get a taste of ALL of them, but today I want to talk about Mardi Gras!


Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

Mardi Gras is the BEST time of year!!!

There are all the things I love in Mardi Gras.

Glitter. Cake. Dance Parties. Parades. Mermaids.

Costume Balls. Shoes. Costume Yoga.


I celebrated my first Mardi Gras last year and if this is your first Mardi Gras celebration, then you need to know the five moments you can’t miss out on!

Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

Your Typical Mardi Gras Mermaid Costume

Costume Shopping!

Mardi Gras is that one time of year to go ALL OUT! You will need glitter (Everyone wears glitter. No exceptions.), flower crowns, obnoxiously gorgeous shoes, a comfortable costume (parades are a few hours long),  a feather boa, and beads. All of them.

My favorite stores for costume shopping:

The Buffalo Exchange- A thrift shop on Magazine St where you can trade your clothing in exchange for costumes, clothing, or cash.

No Fleas Market- A thrift shop on Magazine St where ALL of the proceeds go to animal shelters. Plus they have super cute outfits!

The Bead Shop- The best shop where you can hand make your own jewelry. I designed my own mermaid earrings last year for the Apocalypse Ball.

Funky Monkey– My favorite vintage costume store to buy shoes!

The French Market- A little touristy, but they sell Mardi Gras masks all year long for an affordable price.


Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

Mask Shopping in The Quarter!


Krewe du Vieux Parade

The naughty parade and one of the first parades of the season. It takes place in The Marigny and makes its way through the quarter. If you’re a Mardi Gras virgin, then pop your cherry on this parade! It is the definition of dirty, raunchy, and it shines light on everything that is wrong with America. It’s a good time and a great laugh!

Krewe of Nyx Parade

The purse parade hosted by the Mystic Krewe of Nyx. The Nyx Krewe mission is to unite women of diverse backgrounds to enjoy the Mardi Gras season by letting your inner Goddess shine! They do this by throwing purses and light up jewelry during the parade. It is the best!!! You can catch this parade in Uptown.

Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

NYX ’17

The Apocalypse Ball

Costumes only please! This is such a fun ball and last year I got to help set it up! You enter the dance floor via the vagina and are reborn into the party! Last year there were two stages with two different bands performing, a dance floor, and an area to sit back and watch black and white films. Most importantly, ALL of the money made from this ball is donated to charity. So you get to help a good cause and have a great time doing it!

Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!



“Happy are they whom the Muses love!”

My FAVORITE parade. The Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus.  They throw gorgeously glitter designed shoes in this parade and if you’re friends with a Muse, you may just catch one! Last year’s theme was Dr. Seuss. So all of the floats and shoes were Seuss themed! Obviously I was singing Seussical the Musical for the entirety of the parade. You can catch a shoe and wear all the glitter in the world while they float down Magazine Street.

Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

Muses and Mermaids



Eat all the King Cake!

Catch and wear ALL the beads!

WEAR ALL THE GLITTER!!! (Lush sells environmentally friendly glitter for all my haters)

Go to all the parades. This is a month long dance party on the street and it’s SO much fun!!!

Yoga and meditate during costume breaks and in between parties. Your body and mind will need it.

Drink LOTS of water.

Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

Mermaid Yoga Pants Are Always a Must For Mardi Gras!



Go to the French Quarter on Mardi Gras Day.

Get in a fight with drunk people or anyone in the parade.

Fight people for a Muse shoe.

Don’t fight people. Period.

Mardi Gras Accommodation:

The Quisby– Nola’s newest hostel. They’re located on St. Charles in the Garden District. They have a new bar and the rooms are AMAZING!!!

IHSP French Quarter House– A little old fashioned, but has a nice homey feel to it. This hostel offers free breakfast along with the accommodation. It’s located in the Quarter across from Louis Armstrong Park. So you get a light show from the park at night! 

Airbnb– This is my go to way of travel, especially for Mardi Gras season. It’s nice to have moments of alone time when the whole city is partying. Plus if you click that link you get a FREE stay on me! Enjoy!


Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!

A Mural on Frenchman For Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Music Venues:

Anywhere on Frenchman Street. My go to venue is The Spotted Cat Music Club. They play live jazz music while people dress up from the 50s and Swing dance! It is absolute magic!

Well this glitter girl has some packing and costume shopping to do. I got so excited writing this that I booked a ticket for New Orleans! I’ll see you all for Mardi Gras in my NOLA Fairytale!

If Mardi Gras is something that lights your heart up like it does mine, then give this post a share! Like I always say, A little glitter never hurt anyone! Shine on and Namaste. <3

Five Mardi Gras Moments You Can't Miss!




Brytta is a world traveling yoga instructor from NYC. She is a lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new books to read, her current favorite reads are:You are a Badass, Polishing the Mirror and Yoga Girl