Manifest + Travel

Brytta coaches yoga instructors how to become traveling teachers.

Skype Yoga

A convenient way to pull out your mat and practice yoga anywhere in the world!

Yogis Exist. Yogis Persist. Yogis Impact.

Brytta teaches yoga teachers how to take their yoga off the mat and impact the world!



Skype Yoga

  • A convenient class to pull out your mat and practice anywhere in the world
  • I teach you a 60-90 minute class via Skype
  • Each class is designed specifically for what you want in a practice (Restorative, Vinyasa, Sculpt, Kids Yoga)
  • Playlist made for your sessions
  • Weekly yoga readings upon request
  • FREE phone consultation included!

What Clients Are Saying

 Brytta is a wonderful yoga teacher: her words and voice and attention to proper yoga technique is outstanding. Before the class I was so stressed. I had a peaceful yoga session outside (in the middle of NYC if you could believe it!). I had finally been able to relax my mind and my muscles. I could confidently say that I left the class stronger and restful than before. I keep taking her classes, because she is very attentive and interactive with her students. I also really like the pace of her classes. Everything was timed nicely! 

Kylie Keller

I kept coming back because it was nice to know that someone was teaching yoga who was on the journey just as much as I was spiritually and creatively aside from the health and fitness aspect of it. I liked the flow of class and her commentary made it not seem like a class, but more of an interactive time with an instructor whom I could explore new poses and new ways of taking on poses I already was familiar with.

Brenda Rubio

Brytta has a drive that is effective and allows you to feel excited about life changes that she helps you create. She is an amazing coach. The same fire is in her yoga as well. Her passion comes from a good place and is a positive reminder of how hard work can make anything possible.

Ace Charles

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of yoga do you teach?

-I teach SUP, Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative yoga classes

-Feel free to take a look at my demo to learn more about my classes! 🙂

How do I know that you are the right yoga teacher for me?

-I teach three types of private classes

-I teach physically challenging Vinyasa Flow classes where you will sweat it out on the mat, SUP Yoga  for a mix of a movement and meditation class experience on the water, and relaxing restoring to the body Yin class.  

-My classes are designed for my students’ needs in mind.  If you want a class on low lunges or a class on arm balances, I can design and teach a class based on your needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

I have a 24-hr cancellation policy- meaning if you cancel less than 24 hours before your class, you will still get charged for that missed hour. If you cancel before the 24-hour mark, then we can reschedule or you get a full refund for that class. 

How can I become a traveling yoga teacher?

Check out my online course for traveling yoga teachers to learn more:

 Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad!

How can I make money while abroad?

-A  traveling yoga teacher must be a ten dimensional person. To learn more, check out my guide:

Ten Reasons Why You Need To Be A Ten Dimensional Yoga Teacher

-To learn HOW to save money for a yoga adventure, check out my guide:

How To Save Money For Your Next Yoga Adventure!

What are your tips for solo travelers?

-The first tip is that this world is much safer than society makes it out to be

-The second tip is that you are capable of doing anything you want with your life, so make love out of the adventures ahead!

-For more tips and tricks check out my travel guides

When is payment for yoga or manifest + travel coaching due?


-Payment is due after your free consult and before the start of your class

Manifest + Travel Coaching

-Payment is due in full after your free consult and before your first session

*If you are purchasing one of my packages and have special circumstances, I am open to discussing a payment plan on a case-to-case basis. Please mention this in your first contact email.


Why Is Impacting The World Through Yoga Important?

– There will come a day in your life when injustice will break your heart wide open. For Brytta, it was working in refugee camps in Greece. The injustice toward the refugees broke her heart so much that she chose to TAKE ACTION and help them.

-Feeling enlightened is great, but that enlightenment means nothing if you aren’t using it to help the world around you. It’s important to shine our lights in the darkness, it’s important to hold space for communities who have no access to yoga, it’s important to BE the change you wish to see because nothing will change unless YOU choose to get off your mat and do something to help the world.

Who are you donating the 10% proceeds from your online course to?

-Brytta is donating 10% of proceeds to the FEOX Rescue Team in Chios, Greece

-FEOX Rescue Team is a Nobel Peace Prize nominated organization that stands in solidarity with and helps refugees from Syria, Yemen, Iran, and Iraq.

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