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You just graduated teacher training. (Yay!) You have all the knowledge to teach a fantastic yoga class with an awesome community to support you, but you dream of teaching yoga to a global community. You dream of seeing the world in bigger ways! Except in yoga teacher training, they didn’t offer a class in how to become a traveling yoga teacher 101. They didn’t even tell you how to find a yoga job abroad!


That’s Where I Come In!


I am a certified yoga teacher with six years of traveling + teaching experience. I make traveling the world + teaching yoga an epic and easy adventure! I work with yoga teachers who are ready to become traveling yoga teachers and impact the world in BIG ways!

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Yogis Exist. Yogis Persist. Yogis Impact.




Skype Yoga

  • A convenient class to pull out your mat and practice anywhere in the world
  • I teach you a 60-90 minute class via Skype
  • Each class is designed specifically for what you want in a practice (Restorative, Vinyasa, Sculpt, Kids Yoga)
  • Playlist made for your sessions
  • Weekly yoga readings upon request
  • FREE phone consultation included!

What Clients Are Saying

 Brytta is a wonderful yoga teacher: her words and voice and attention to proper yoga technique is outstanding. Before the class I was so stressed. I had a peaceful yoga session outside (in the middle of NYC if you could believe it!). I had finally been able to relax my mind and my muscles. I could confidently say that I left the class stronger and restful than before. I keep taking her classes, because she is very attentive and interactive with her students. I also really like the pace of her classes. Everything was timed nicely! 

Kylie Keller

Brytta has been such a huge help in preparing me to travel and teach in Europe. Aside from being amazing and inspiring, she gave me FANTASTIC advice to help me manifest my dreams!

Maggie Coombs

Yoga Teacher

Brytta has a drive that is effective and allows you to feel excited about life changes that she helps you create. She is an amazing coach. The same fire is in her yoga as well. Her passion comes from a good place and is a positive reminder of how hard work can make anything possible.

Ace Charles

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