Envision Festival is a time of year when people from all walks of life come together to experience and learn about environmental awareness, movement, yoga, music performances, create new friendships, and live in the jungle of Costa Rica. This past month, I was lucky enough to attend Envision Festival and experience it all! I’m so excited to share with you my take on the festival and my five fav moments!


Indigenous People talk w/ Nina Simons

Nina Simons, founder of Bioneers gave an incredible talk about the realities of Indigenous People. We learned about the women especially. Some things that completely opened my eyes is that four out of five indigenous women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime and up until the 1970s the U.S. sterilized Indigenous women without permission. She also spoke a lot on being human beings. That our job as humans is how we relate and that ritual connects us ALL with the magic and the sacred. More importantly that what the world needs right now is for all of us to be re-indigenized. Nina woke me up to BE a better human being for our planet and for our indigenous people who work tirelessly to protect our planet.

Five Fav Moments of Envision Festival 2018


Yintrospective w/ Gina Caputo

Gina Caputo, founder and director of the Colorado School of Yoga led a fantastic Yin class at Envision Festival! This class was ALL the things it needed to be. The comic timing in every pose that made us laugh to the moments of truly feeling a pose are what made the class experience. What I loved about her class was the realness of it. She called out all the elephants in the room and gave us so many opportunities to listen to our bodies. It was all so freeing.. Then in Savasana she offered LOVE. If we had a loved one next to us we could cuddle them or hold hands with our friends, because this is Envision and we love here.

Five Fav Moments of Envision Festival 2018


The Bob Moses Concert

The Bob Moses concert changed my life. I had front row and I swear if I could relive that night, I totally would! The vocals were beautiful, the performance had the audience inspired the entire time and it was one big dance party at the Sol stage. What I LOVED about their performance was HOW they opened with Like It or Not. It was still with intention, but ready for the epic party to follow. I think everyone at Envision can agree that the Bob Moses concert was the BEST way to kick off the concert weekend!

Five Fav Moments of Envision Festival 2018


Inversion Workshop w/ Carson Clay Calhoun

This workshop was hella challenging, but full of falls, results, and laughter! All the things needed in an inversion workshop! As much as I loved going upside down, I LOVED the breath techniques we learned even more! Our breath is the reason we are here in this moment and the reason we can go upside down and do all these cool things with our bodies! The reminder of using the breath to move our shoulders back in a forearm stand or to breathe when squeezing a strap to work on engagement of our legs was exactly what I needed during my time at Envision.

Five Fav Moments of Envision Festival 2018


The CloZee Concert

The Queen. The Goddess. The definition of Fierce. This girl slayed the Luna stage as the crowd danced the night away. The crowd would be calm, then she would give us the “Are you ready for the greatest moment of your life?” smirk. Then BOOM, a move of her hands and life changed forever by her brilliant sounds. The crowd went wild every time. Do you want to know a secret about CloZee concerts? The moment the beat drops, you can’t NOT move your body. The music is magic and CloZee holds the wand.  

Five Fav Moments of Envision Festival 2018

Photo Credit:
Neil McElmon of Concert Socks

Those were my Five Fav Moments of Envision Festival 2018 and I can’t wait to share more about my experiences in the weeks ahead! Stay tuned for interviews, concert reviews, and a special post about the witches of Envision!

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