My favorite part about travel is learning while on my adventures. Well Envision Festival is going to be one epic adventure full of many learning opportunities! Speaking of learning, have you heard of these six spectacular speakers who are giving talks at Envision Festival this year?


Dr. Kieran Kuykendall

This doctor makes it his mission in life to travel the world and help the people he meets along the way. He helps his patients get out of their heads and into the world to ultimately change the world through being conscious human beings! If there is one thing I am looking for, it is to get out of my head and help make this world a better place. So I am thrilled to be learning and listening from his talk in a few weeks!

Yolimar Loreto & Jolie Coral

These two ladies are experts in self awareness, femininity, ancestral dances, and holistic sexuality. They will be guiding us to see life as one big education where every situation is a learning opportunity to help us live a better life. All of these educational aspects seem like a beautiful mashup of lessons I can’t wait to learn more about!

Lyndy Birch

This woman is an educator who inspires and supports her students to be more invested in their own personal healthcare through educating on wellness and herbal health. Not only that, but she helps us create balance through our mind, body, and soul to become our healthiest selves.

Nina Simons

Simons is a social Entrepreneur whose passions include: restoring the feminine, reinventing leadership, racial and gender justice, and a healthier world for everyone! I am super excited to understand how we as a world can learn and combine all of these topics into one day making this world a better place for ALL on a more permanent basis. So stay tuned for my experience with Nina Simons and how you can learn and grow from this too!

Wies Merkx

This is the workshop that I am MOST EXCITED FOR!!! Merkx will be giving a talk on Mandala making, singing, and turning our art into visions and manifestations for our hearts truest desires. As amazing as that all sounds, I’m actually more inspired by her interest of the process or journey we go on through our artistic abilities. This is something I’m working on in my own personal journey, is the process. Not the outcome, but actually experiencing the ride of what we are working toward. Just writing about this topic makes my heart sing. So when I experience this workshop, I will make sure to let you all know about the journey of it. Not the outcome.

Christine Raine

Raine is an adventuress, traveler, and the founder of ConversABLE. This is a global organization located in Costa Rica that shares the principles and practices of Non-violent communication. Raine will be teaching on Transforming Enemy Images of ourselves and others to be a more compassionate people as a whole. What she’s teaching at Envision is connected to a meditation I teach in my yoga classes. We come to a hero’s pose, close our eyes and envision our enemy in front of us and send them breath. Then we envision ourselves and do the same. I’m excited to dive deep into this subject of compassion and communication to better ourselves and the world!

Envision Festival Lineup 2018: Six Spectacular Speakers

Those are your six spectacular speakers of Envision Festival that I am personally thrilled to be attending. If these six didn’t excite you enough, then don’t worry you can find the entire spoken workshop lineup HERE.

Better yet, you can find ALL of my most anticipated music performances HERE and movement classes I’m stoked to take HERE.  

And if you’re new to Costa Rica, check out my guide: The Traveling Yogi on a Budget: Costa Rica Style!

The TWO WEEK countdown to Envision Festival is officially upon us!!! See you in the jungle my loves!   

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Brytta is a world traveling yoga teacher from NYC. Lover of glitter, SUP Yoga and climbing waterfalls. When she's not adventuring around the world and teaching yoga, she's writing about her adventures and coming up with new ways to take her yoga off the mat and into the world! When she's not doing any of that, she's outside studying constellations and making wishes on shooting stars. A big fan of discovering new books to read, her current favorite reads are:You are a Badass, The Gutsy Girl Handbook and Yoga Girl