We’ll start standing at the tops of our mats.

Arms down by our sides palms facing forward.

We are open to light and open to the universe.

Inhale eyes to skies.

Exhale eyes open.


Xavier Rudd comes out onto the Sol Stage. Rudd’s music is that good morning music we all want to wake up to while saluting the sun! Rudd debuted his first album in 2002.

A few of my favorites of his include:

Come Let Go, Follow the Sun, and Breeze.


Inhale roll your shoulders up to your ears and exhale them down your spine.

Raise your arms up to the universe.

Let your body move.

Maybe you sway your arms up in the sky.

Maybe you dance it down to your toes.

Let your body get lost in Clozee’s electronic sound.


When I listen to the sounds CloZee creates, I can’t hold still. Her sounds take me away to another dimension. Also, can we take a moment for the names of her music and how jungle themed they are?

A few favorites include:

Black Panther, Harmony, and Lonely Island.  


Now that our bodies are moving, let’s salute the sun.

Inhale touch the sky.

Exhale kiss the ground below.


The sweet voices of the electronic duo, Bob Moses light up the Sol Stage. His music remind us of the mysteries of Costa Rica. The unknown sounds of the jungle, the volcanoes erupting, dancing barefoot to the sounds of the Earth. His music gives us chills, but makes our bodies light up at the same time! Our bodies get ready to sweat to:

Like It Or Not (Love Thy Brother Remix) and Before I Fall.


Step it back to plank.

Core is strong. Legs kick back to heels.

Hold it here.

Let your body be breathed.

Let yourself feel what needs to be felt.


Random Rab shines light onto the Luna Stage. Random Rab is the band that helps us flow through our emotions and heal our insides through the sounds we hear from the outside. This is the music we want to breathe to, the music that cracks our hearts open with light in upward facing dog.

Songs to flow to:

Gimme That Hope and Apparently.

Side Note: Random Rab is the show I am MOST excited to see!!!


Hips hug the sun.

Heels kiss the Earth.

Downward facing dog.


Let your body move and flow to the dark electronic sounds of Dimond Saints.

Their music encourages us to zen out with our minds, but move our bodies to the jungle beats.

Music to move to:

Sun & Moon and Find a Way (ft. Yaarrohs)


Continue your journey of saluting the sun. Surrender to the teacher within. Let your body sweat, move, and envision ALL THE THINGS it needs to end your practice peacefully in Savasana.

Resting flat on our spines.

Eyes closed.

Palms wide open to the universe.


Desert Dwellers come peacefully onto the Luna Stage encouraging us to close our eyes, reflect and truly see and feel all the things while laying down in Savasana. Their music is a reflection of our truest and most peaceful selves. Their peaceful sounds to Savasana to: Saraswati’s Twerkaba (Remix), Prana Shakti, and Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder Remix)


We end our practice with a Buddhist quote I learned while on my first adventure through Costa Rica:

“Go in peace, go making peace

Living gently, loving mightily

And bowing to the mysteries.”

Are you ready to dance under the sun at Envision Festival?

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