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This week’s interview features my dear friend Sasha Morselli.: Traveler and Permaculture expert.

Interview with Sasha Morselli- Permaculture and Travel Expert

Originally I was supposed to travel for three months, but after a few weeks, I knew already that three months wasn’t going to be enough, I have been travelling for three years now, and have loved every second of it.

What work do you do while traveling?

Regarding work I have been doing many different things, I have had a lot of opportunities during my travel to learn new skills such as fermentation and gardening. I have always tried to choose a job that I haven’t done before to challenge myself and thrive in a new environment. I have been a theatre manager in Cambodia, a cook in Laos, a bartender in Australia, a fermentation wizard in Guatemala and recently I started Permaculture Consulting in Thailand. There are a lot of opportunities out there, especially if you are considering work exchange, which are a few hours of work per day in exchange for a bed and/or food.

Why do you travel?

That’s a big one. The interesting part is that it keeps changing! When I left home I was travelling for self discovery, and even though it’s a life long mission, I made huge progress on that. Overall I have been travelling to get out of my comfort zone, connecting with people from all over the world, and to learn about different cultures.

What is it like to travel in a group dynamic VS. traveling solo?

I started my trip on my own, the freedom that you have being by yourself is priceless, and the natural flow of meeting people vs having some me time is amazing. I always like to travel solo, I feel like you are more prone to get into awesome situations, especially as a woman, so many people want to help you out and the best travel stories happened when I was traveling solo.

On the other hand, since I met my boyfriend in Australia, I have loved travelling with a companion. Being able to share memories or just a beautiful sunset is really rewarding. I think it’s all about the balance, like a lot of other things in life. Both ways have their own advantages.

What are your three must have items while traveling?

♦My Kindle E-reader, because there’s nothing like sitting in a hammock reading good books without the weight of carrying them around.

♦My ukulele, it allows me to still be creative, which is something I found difficult when moving around all the time.

♦My Chaco’s, because they are the greatest shoes ever made for hot countries, hiking, walking for hours around cities, swimming in rocky shores.. and more!  They might not be the most fashionable item but.. Worth it!

What travel tool do you recommend using?

My favorite travel tool right now is an app called, You can download city/region/country maps when you are online and later on use them offline, the maps are simple yet efficient and it has helped me a lot when in new places.

What is something you learned on your first trip/job abroad that you think is key for other travelers to know?

The first thing I learned travelling was that making plans might restrain your experience, travelling can be tremendous sometimes and having flexibility and the ability to remind yourself “It didn’t go like I planned but hey, that’s alright, let’s see where this situation is going to take me to!” Trusting the universe is something that I have learned and has been very valuable ever since I started my journey.

How do you find your jobs abroad?

Depending on where you are, there is a few options, I use, HelpX and sometimes WWoof. I found that the best way to find jobs was talking to people around me, going to places, introducing yourself, try it out. You have nothing to lose!

What is the day in the life of a traveler like?

When you are traveling, your day is exactly what you make of it. Waterfall? Market? Cave? Beach? You decide! Ultimate freedom is sometimes hard to handle, but the other travelers you meet influence your choices and schedule and help you ride the wave 😉

What meditation or mantra are you currently living by?

My favorite meditation at the moment is the loving kindness meditation. It’s all about sending love to people, even ones you don’t know or you don’t get along with. I like this exercise a lot as it is a practice of letting go of the ego and the fear of the other.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

My favorite place to travel to is Thailand. The country has everything; Beach, mountains, amazing food, great people and culture. It’s easy to travel and not too disorientating while still giving you a culture shock! As a traveler, you might fall in love:)

What is something to be aware of as a traveler?

Working and travelling can be very different from what we know. I think the most important thing to remember is that everything happens “face to face”. Your energy is what matters most.

What does your dream career or travel opportunity look like?

I am actually currently working towards my dream as I am building experience and confidence to start a permaculture homestead & learning center. For now, permaculture consultation is what’s taking my time and it’s a new adventure everyday.

If there is one piece of advice you can give to travelers out in the world, what would it be?

Let’s not take ourselves so seriously. Life is beautiful, fun, fascinatingly complex and we only have one life, let’s live it fully!

Learn about Permaculture and travel with Sasha Morselli.

Interview with Sasha Morselli- Permaculture and Travel Expert

Sasha is a traveler whom I met in Costa Rica in one of my yoga classes. She is from a village in the Provence region of France. She’s currently at a yoga meditation and permaculture retreat center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.You can contact her for all things permaculture and travel at: