This is interview seven of my traveling yoga teachers series. Each month I feature a traveling yogi who I meet along my travels.

This month interview features traveling yoga instructor and surfer:

Natalie Fox, Founder of YogaRama.

Interview with Natalie Fox- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer


What type of yoga do you teach?

My skills, passion and experience allow me to deliver a mixture of Yin and Yang classes. I also trained in Quantum Yoga™ which involves Vinyasa sequencing based on the Ayurvedic Doshas. Surf focused yoga is something I am super excited about, and love exploring how the two are intrinsically connected as well as snowboard specific yoga which is something I would like to teach more of too.

What made you want to combine Surf and Yoga as a career and way of life?

To be honest, I didn’t really choose it – it chose me! I realized the only thing that really, truly lit me up was surfing. So I became an instructor. I absolutely love the water, and simply wanted to spend more time in it. Teaching is so much fun, because sharing the surf stoke is what it’s all about. Being exposed to travel and environmental issues through surfing led me to become a conservation activist.  Yoga tied it all together because it not only offered a spiritual practice, but helped train my body and breath for surfing, and allowed me to develop a niche within the surf industry.

Interview with Natalie Fox- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer


What is the day in the life of a traveling yogi like?

Well at the moment, I’m on a boat, which is great but there is a whole lot of travelling involved either way. You have to be on it.  Know your route, where you’re headed, make sure you’ve got all your equipment and there are plenty of snacks. You have to be able to sleep anywhere. And you have to find gratitude for the journey that you’re on, because we are so lucky to be able to travel and see this incredible planet we live on.  

 ♦What is something to be aware of as a traveler?

Travel with a purpose and set an intention or a goal before you go – whether it’s to learn about different cultures, to feel the sand of distant land between your toes or to connect with like-minded souls.

 What should a first time traveling yogi know about the professional yoga life?

The Internet is a valuable tool. Make a website and have an online presence that speaks volumes about who you are. I love my website and as my brand YogaRama grows, so too will the space to hold written content and inspiration for others. I also recommend for finding awesome opportunities around the world and reading inspiring stories of yogis living the dream.

Interview with Natalie Fox- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer


Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

This is so hard! So far it has to be Pavones, Costa Rica. It’s home to The Yoga Farm. A beautiful, permaculture community overlooking the Pacific. I also adored New Zealand, with a wealth of natural habitats, waterfalls, organic food, heaps of wildlife, epic and empty surf breaks and world class yoga; it is one of my top destinations for traveling yogis.

Tell me more about Women For Whales. How was this organization created? How has it impacted whales and the ocean community in general?

Unfortunately, there are many whales and dolphins that are still being impacted by humans – minke whales are the target of “scientific research” by the Japanese government within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary; the tiny maui dolphin is on the brink of extinction; pilot whales in The Faroes are being slaughtered as a traditional bloodsport and orca are turning up on our shores with bellies full on plastic.  Not to mention the captivity trade which is still rife.  In 2010 Women for Whales formed to take a stand at the 62nd International Whaling Commission meeting where the proposal to lift the ban on commercial whaling was thankfully voted out. 

Since then I have been lucky enough to join campaigns with Surfers for Cetaceans and Sea Shepherd, and this year I have joined Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s new campaign #notwhalefood to highlight the destruction marine plastics do to our cetaceans and why we should all say no to single use plastic – for whales.  You can visit and join the mermaid pod –, and if this is something that inspires and fires you up. You can also find resources on how to live an ocean friendly life and support whales on a daily, small scale way.

Current favorite yoga pose or pose you’re working on?

Handstand! I’ve been working on it for a year now and each time I get a millisecond more flight time. It’s all down to practice!

What does your dream yoga position or career look like?

I would love to do more yoga training and expand more into mindfulness, somatic experiencing (working to help heal trauma) and anatomical focused teaching. I would love to have a yoga studio in the mountains one day to be able to live a sustainable and seasonal lifestyle. I think I’ve found it in a little village in North Cornwall, but I will let you know how it goes and just how long before that wanderlust gets the better of me!

Practice with Natalie Fox- Founder of YogaRama

Interview with Natalie Fox- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer

Natalie is a traveling yoga instructor originally from Jersey, Channel Islands. She has been traveling and teaching for nearly ten years. She is currently teaching in Jersey, Channel Islands. You can check out her classes HERE. You can also contact her for all things travel, yoga, and surf HERE.

Her current life mantra is: “Tread light, Shine bright.”

If you know of someone who you think would be a great fit to this series, send me an email. I would LOVE to hear from you!