This is interview six of my traveling yoga teacher interview series. Each month, I will post a new interview of a yoga teacher I meet along my travels.

If you know of someone who you think would be a great fit to this series, send me an email. I would LOVE to hear from you!

This month’s interview features traveling yoga instructor and surfer, Lucy Foster-Perkins.

Interview with Lucy Foster-Perkins- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer

Teaching Yoga at Balifit.

♦What made you dive into surf and yoga?

I started yoga when I was a professional dancer in London.  I had also started surfing more and more in my 20s. I soon found that my body felt so much better whenever I got to surf, the more I practiced yoga.  I quit dancing because I wanted to surf more, explore the world and share my experience of how yoga had helped me to other surfers.

♦Why should your typical yogi combine yoga and surf?

Yoga can help with the physical aspect of surfing, particularly when it comes to resting and recuperating from a day of surfing, but the deeper connection is how it can help you face fear and patience. Every surfer wants to be the best surfer they can be when they start, but it’s a long road and can be really frustrating. The teachings in yoga can help surfers enjoy and live in the moment, rather than always trying to “be better” than they are. It’s a great life lesson as well. There’s a great saying in the surfing world which is “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”.

Interview with Lucy Foster-Perkins- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer

Teaching Yoga at Balifit.

♦What is something you learned on your job abroad that you think is key for other traveling teachers to know?

My first job was in France when I worked at a surf camp in the forest right next to the sea.  The job wasn’t paid, but it gave me tons of experience which spring boarded into my second job in India and Sri Lanka.  

I still have a divided opinion as to whether yogis should take unpaid jobs or not. On one hand they’re often good jobs to get experience in, but on the other hand it doesn’t reflect your worth and skills as a yoga teacher. I wouldn’t change a thing (I had an awesome summer of surfing and teaching after all) but I made a pact with myself afterwards that I would never take an unpaid job again, no matter how desperate I am!

♦What is the day in the life of a traveling yogi like?

It’s wonderful, terrifying, gratifying and, if you’re open, will teach you lessons you had no idea you needed to learn!

Interview with Lucy Foster-Perkins- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer

Photo Feature: Roxy

♦What should a first time traveling yogi know about the professional yoga life?

Be truthful to your own experience. Ask yourself “how has yoga helped me” and then share that with others. Those who are looking for the same, or similar experience, will find you.

♦What meditation or mantra are you currently living by?

“I love and approve of myself. I am safe. My future is safe. All is well and I am free.”

Interview with Lucy Foster-Perkins- Traveling Yoga Teacher and Surfer

Lucy Foster-Perkins is a traveling yoga instructor and surfer originally from Oxford, UK. She teaches Yin and Vinyasa Flow classes for surfers. She has been traveling and teaching for 4.5 years. You can find her teaching schedule HERE. If you happen to be a traveler or surfer like Lucy, then catch her online classes HERE. And to find all around inspiration from Lucy, check out her awesome blog HERE.

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