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This month features:

Amanda Kingsmith & Ryan Ferguson

 founders of:

The World Wanderers

Interview with Amanda & Ryan-Founders of: The World Wanderers

Who and What are The World Wanderers?

The World Wanderers is a Podcast and Blog that we started back in 2014 when we returned from a 6-month backpacking trip in South America. It’s an online diary of our lives and travels that we share with others so that they can learn from us and our experiences. We talk about destinations we’ve traveled to, travel tips, and we often philosophize about deeper topics related to travel and personal development. We also have guests on the podcast to share their travel stories or what they do in the travel industry.

How do you make a sustainable living to travel abroad?

We both work online! On top of The World Wanderers, Ryan does freelance podcast production and consults for a company called Praxis. You can find the Praxis Podcast, Forward Tilt HEREAmanda runs a podcast and online business on the business of yoga called M.B.Om. Amanda also teaches yoga, manages a yoga studio remotely, and consults part-time with Praxis. It sounds like a lot, but we still have lots of time for adventures!

Interview with Amanda & Ryan-Founders of: The World Wanderers


What travel tool do you recommend using?

AirBnb and Hostelworld are our go-to apps for booking accommodation.

We use Uber anywhere that has it for transportation. We highly recommend

Bluehost and WordPress for website development, and love our Studiopress theme!

Another great app that we use on the road is TripIt. It keeps all of our upcoming trips organized so that we don’t have to dig through hundreds of emails trying to find what time our flight is and where we’re staying.

What is the day in the life of a traveling couple like?

It really depends on the day! Right now, we are based in Mexico City and have slowed down our travels to focus in on some work projects we have on the go right now. During the week, we work a fairly typical day, although our schedule is much more flexible and we get to have awesome, cheap tacos for lunch! We usually spend our evenings relaxing together, and either go out or cook a great dinner.

On the weekends, we usually have a relaxing morning, hit up a yoga class, and then see a new part of the city. We also spend a lot of weekends away exploring new areas of Mexico, visiting friends, and having adventures!

It’s taken us a while to find a flow with working and traveling, but we have found that we really enjoy slower travel (at least a month in a place), and setting up a routine where we have a chunk of the day available to try new food, practice yoga, or wander the area we’re in, as well as 1-2 full days off for exploring.

Interview with Amanda & Ryan-Founders of: The World Wanderers


Where is your favorite place you have traveled to together?

This is a tough question! We both love Japan, Bali and Mexico City. These are probably our 3 favorite places we’ve been together.

What is something to be aware of as a traveler?

Do your research before going to a new place so you know what to expect when you arrive (we often use Wikitravel). We always book at least one night of accommodation ahead of time, and usually check to see how to get to and from the airport / bus station to get to our hostel, AirBnb or hotel.

We have a rule of thumb where we don’t take out cash at night, and we generally don’t wander in an unfamiliar area at night.

Also, always trust your gut and if you feel like you are in an unsafe situation, trust this and get out.

We’ve learned to always say “Hi” to people, because you never know when a stranger will become a friend. We’ve made so many great friends through our travels and it’s been because we we’re open to meeting new people!

Why did you start a travel podcast and what is your podcast about?

We started our podcast in 2014 after we returned from a six month backpacking trip in South America. Amanda had been keeping a travel blog while we had been away, but Ryan was really interested in starting a podcast. Amanda said “yes”, and they ordered mics and sat down and started podcasting.

It was really fun watching our downloads grow and finding out there there were actually people listening to our travel adventures!

The podcast focuses on travel, and we talk about travel destinations, travel as a lifestyle, and what we’ve learned through travel. We also have guests on the podcast with topics ranging from entrepreneurship, teaching English abroad, doing the Mongol Rally, language learning, traveling with kids, and so much more.

Interview with Amanda & Ryan-Founders of: The World Wanderers


What is your advice to a new travel blogger or traveler wanting to create in this travel business?

If you want to become a travel blogger, don’t go in with the expectation of making money. Go in wanting to create something that you’re going to feel excited about.The most important part about being a successful travel blogger is creating great content and in order to do that, you have to be excited about it. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds with everything else, but above all, create great content and create it regularly, and focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your audience.

How has traveling the world made you more cultured or open minded in manifesting your dreams?

When we went backpacking together for the first time in 2011, we were fresh out of college. We had both graduated with business degrees and were very much on the conventional life path. While we were away, we met so many unique and interesting people doing all sorts of things with their lives. It opened our eyes to how life could be lived in so many different ways. When you see people from all over the planet chasing their dreams, it can be really inspiring to chase yours too!

Where do you see The World Wanderers at in five years?

Good question. The World Wanderers is more of a hobby for us than anything else. Of course, it’s awesome that we get to make some money off of it, but what we really love about it is getting to connect with awesome people from around the world and having great conversations about travel. We don’t plan to stop traveling anytime soon, and so we don’t foresee ourselves stopping The World Wanderers either!

What is your mantra or life affirmation you live by?

Never stop exploring. Chase your dreams. Always do you.

Connect with Amanda and Ryan

Founders of:

The World Wanderers

Interview with Amanda & Ryan-Founders of: The World Wanderers

Amanda and Ryan from Canmore, AB, Canada have been traveling the world since 2011. They began their journey backpacking Europe, SE Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Then in 2014 they made the jump to traveling and working as The World Wanderers. To learn more about this awesome traveling couple, listen in on their travel podcast on How Travel Improves Self-Esteem or check out their blog post, How To Set a Budget & Save for Your Next Trip. And if you happen to be traveling through Mexico, The World Wanderers are too! So Reach Out and get inspired! They love answering your travel questions and making those connections abroad!